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Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 19, 2012 at 12:10 AM

It's been a good week so far with earnings!  I hit my 700 mark on SwagBucks and was able to redeem for a $5 PayPal card a few days ago. Since then, I've already racked up over 160 more SBs!  They started a new contest called "Test Your Strength," which is a carnival themed goal inspiration. Everyday they set a new goal (today is 100 SBs, yesterday was 70, etc). So far, I've hit two of the daily goals and will be receiving a bonus percentage by June 4th. The contest lasts through the end of the month and I'm really liking it. Also if you hit a certain number of goals, you can receive even more SBs. Awesome! 

CashCrate is moving along, a bit slowly (I think I do an offer a week now) and I've had mixed success with surveys lately. I did snag another SSI survey last night and I also make sure to do at least 10 qualifying searches a day in the toolbar to earn my bonus every couple days. I'm only 10 cents away from hitting the $20 needed to get a check next month. Squee! 

Speaking of search, I've got toolbars installed for CC, SB and FusionCash and I gotta say, it's a bit of a challenge to use them enough for valid searches, without going overboard. I'm trying to get the searches out of the way earlier in the day so I don't feel pressure at night if I haven't done enough. Sometimes it's pretty easy if I suddenly REALLY need to look up something, like the other night when I was filling out my background check app for my new job, I had to track down old employer addresses and phone numbers (they go back 10 years on employment history!)  So I just split up the searches between the 3 toolbars.

FusionCash is going smoothly with my daily tasks (I do those first thing in the morning), and similar to CC, I only do a couple offers a week. They had a really good one yesterday that paid out $2. Surveys are hit or miss - and I've noticed that doing one on CC for example might knock you out of qualifying for one on FC, since they utilize many of same survey companies. I don't have as much luck doing standard surveys on FC as I do on CC, but I always try for their "own" daily survey which seem to be better with crediting.

I had a run of luck with CrowdTap and got a nice batch of "quick hits" this morning. I also hit another goal of doing 50 (apparently racking points up since my last goal) and won 1,000 points!  Now I'm level 6. Still a long ways to go to cashout on this one.  I'm not really crazy about their "missions" and "actions," and their so called discussions are supposed to be moderated, but I've yet to see a moderator chime in. Moderators can award stars or something to the best contributors. I have no idea how I fared in the last one (I don't think you can view them after they're closed). Not sure. Anyway, I noticed that the day before the last discussion I was in closed, some woman wrote this LONG, DETAILED reply to the question (related to your feelings about Vanguard investments) and included GRAPHICS to boot!  Most other folks wrote one or two sentences. I checked later and realized she was one of the top 10 leaders on the boards, so apparently these people do some fancy post near the end to be sure to snag whatever kudos they can. I really don't have the time nor inclination to mess with that.

I did a heap o' HITs on Amazon MTurk last night that pay out 4 cents each. Will take several days to get credited knowing the requester, but with any luck I should be nearing a dollar soon. My Yahoo Voices views have taken a very nice uptick in the last week (I did a couple posts on the welcome wagon forum). I also began tweaking & adding to one of my half-finished articles. I hope to finish that up this weekend (may just post it myself and avoid the approval process). We'll see how it goes.

In between all this, I've been cleaning my apartment like a madwoman. The bathroom has been a work in progress. Yesterday I scrubbed the bathroom doors, walls & floor, soaked the litter box and trash can in the tub with Pine-Sol, cleaned the vanity & mirror again, and put down freshly-washed rugs. My next project is the bedroom - another work in progress. Lots of dusting and re-organizing in store. I got a couple things done this morning, so I'm off to a good start.

A few days ago, I suddenly remembered a great personal finance site (Neville's Financial Blog) I used to read but had totally forgotten about. This guy, Neville Medhora, is so creative and does these awesome experiments on how to make money and (i.e. selling bottled water on a hot day, scratching 100 lottery tickets to see the outcome). Some obviously do require a bit of upfront money, but the water idea is pretty cheap and do-able (although not technically legal in some places). I'm considering trying the water experiment at the very close-by horse track, way out in the free parking area (where folks frequently tailgate), about an hour or two before the end of the race day to see what happens. Just buying 1 case of water, some ice and chilling it in a plastic tub in my trunk (don't have a big enough cooler, nor do I want to buy one). I'd park about midway in the center of the lot, away from the traffic and security dudes. Then I'd wear my $1 (or $2!) water shirt - which I could easy cover with a light jacket or towel around my neck, then slam the trunk shut if a security guy comes around. I could re-park if needed, or just carry a few bottles to folks nearby if I don't get enough traffic. I'd cater to the drunk college kids especially. It's a long walk to the parking area out there, and no doubt Bitsy or Miffy will be positively parched, stumbling around in heels in the dusty dirt. With any luck, I could sell the case within an hour or less, then head home (or...depending on my timing, success & traffic, go to the store for more water). Worst case scenario, I have extra bottled water on hand (which I consider a luxury these days!)  Anyhoo, just an idea when the next live meet happens later this year.

And now, the best part -- my earnings update!  Good luck in your adventures!

CashCrate: May earnings: $19.90
SwagBucks: 161
Yahoo! Voices: 6,436 page views
CrowdTap: 7,550 pts
Amazon MTurk: 19 cents (16 HITs pending)
FusionCash: $21.14


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