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Nervous Energy + Good News

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 16, 2012 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

So, I've got about 2 hours until my 2nd interview for a claims processor position. It'll be with a group of folks, so I'm a little more anxious than usual. First off, I really need this job and I'm getting paranoid now that I'll blow it. All I've had for breakfast is a handful of Ritz crackers and coffee. I don't have much else to eat around here at the moment!  My unemployment check was supposedly mailed yesterday - I had originally signed up for direct deposit, but nothing's hit my bank, so I'm thinking that since there was a period of inactivity, it might've automatically reverted back to paper check (that's what happened with my temp agency recently too). The mail doesn't come till late afternoon, so I won't even be able to check on it till after my interview. If it's in my box, I'll turn back around and head to the bank. I'm making sure lately to "pay myself first" - at least 10% of what I earn, so I have a little savings tucked away. It's not feasible yet to stash it in a savings account (where I get hit with maintenance fees), so for now, I'm just tucking away the cash. Also setting a few bucks aside here and there for emergency money (so I don't have to touch my other savings -- that will hopefully be used towards bigger and better things one day).

The good news is I cashed out of Amazon Mech Turk yesterday (around 11:30 am) and it hit my bank this morning!  The total was $10.71, so I've got a tiny bit of padding in my checking now until this UI check comes in. I managed to find a nice handful of quick HITs this morning, so went ahead and did them, even though it's gonna take me ages to hit the $10 mark again. With daily diligence though, hopefully my earnings will be faster. On one of the FusionCash discussion boards, someone mentioned checking out TurkOpticon to see reviews of requesters, so you can avoid any scammy/fraud/shady ones.  I have used other MTurk forum boards (see early entries) to get the lowdown on some, but I will need to check this out. I might give transcription another shot -- it depends on whether or not I get this new job.

In other news, I compiled a heap of SwagBucks yesterday. Got a few surveys and a couple nifty offers. I won by searching 3 times in about 14 hours, which so far, is my record (usually only get about 2). Still waiting for the PayPal gift card credit to hit. Supposedly it's sent straight to my account, so I'll check on it again today, though it might be another 2 weeks. I'm thinking of doing a $5 PayPal card (700 SBs) instead this time, since the processing takes awhile. It'll cost me about 60 SBs more to get two $5 PP cards instead of saving up for one $10 card, but it would take me at least another week or two to get to that mark, then tack on 1-3 weeks for processing. This way, I could have another one in process earlier, then start earning for the next one. I'm not sure yet what I'll do - still have some time to figure it out. UPDATE: After posting this entry, I check my PayPal account. The $10 was there!  I submitted a request to withdraw to my bank account  - and get this - NO FEES!  Woot!!  I do think I'll go ahead and snag the $5 PP card next time knowing there aren't fees.  I've only got about 200 or so SBs needed to get this, so hopefully I'll hit the mark within the next few days. Yay!

CashCrate is going well, though the offers I'm interested in doing have dried up to practically nothing. Surveys there have been hit or miss. Still a few I KNOW I completed that I never got credit for, so I've been a bit hesitant about hitting those too hard. I've learned to just forget about whatever's not credited (well, try to forget) because it's not worth the time to try to get the admins or support to check it out. After awhile, you begin to lose track of what you're waiting to be credited for (though I do make little notes here and there), I've just learned to move on. I've been racking up nice earnings using the search toolbar (50 cents every 2 days for 10 searches a day) - I keep a little running log so I can keep track. An admin on CC mentioned he clears his history everyday so he can keep track. I've tried that on and off myself. Also racking up earnings watching videos (I check for new ones I might qualify for about 2-3 times a day). I really love when you get bonus videos - usually happens about twice a week and I can usually watch them at least twice for credit. I'm nearing my $20 mark for the month (which means I will automatically get a check next month), but I'm hoping I can get it up to $35 this month.

CrowdTap continues to plod along. I've still got about 14k points to go before I can redeem points for a gift card (and choices are minimal). I also need to call them about verifying my account -- I think there was an option to verify via text message or something, but I don't have that capability on my cell phone, so from what I read, you can just call them to make sure you're squared away for redeeming points.

FusionCash is going well, slowly but surely.  As with CC, the offers are drying up, but I've been collecting my dailies (15 cents & 2 cents), and I installed the toolbar for an extra 5 cents a day (20 qualified searches - and they are nitpicky about it!  Gotten a few "invalid" ones because my searches weren't natural enough. Whatever!)

I surpassed 6,400 views on Yahoo this week. Woot!  I still have ideas churning in my head, but every time I plan to sit down and write something, I get distracted or lose my motivation. I just get nervous it won't be "good" enough (even though I can bypass the approval process -- and forego possible upfront payment - and post on my own). I just need to do it though.

And oh, on a whim, I went to one of my favorite stand-by sites, SecondSpin.com, and started pricing some CDs and DVDs to sell. While some of these I sold for a song, it really added up and it will help clear out some clutter in here (I've been on a cleaning and organizing spree). I put together 18 items for a total of $39.50!  They will even reimburse you as well for USPS Media Mail costs!  So I packed up the box and sent it off to their facility in Illinois yesterday. ETA is this Saturday, then it takes about 3 days to process and then I'll get a check. I could've gone with PayPal (which I normally do), but this time, they mentioned there might be processing fees, so a check is fine. Hopefully should have the money by late next week! 

Alright, I need to start getting ready for my interview here soon. Wish me luck!  Here are my latest earnings -- I'm pretty on track with my goals. I realized this weekend that all combined, I've earned close to $80 so far!  Yay!  Happy earning to you too!

CashCrate: May earnings: $16.52
SwagBucks: 473
Yahoo! Voices: 6,407 page views
CrowdTap: 6,085 pts
Amazon MTurk: $0 (cashed out $10.71 yesterday; 11 HITs pending)
FusionCash: $18.47


Job Interview & Latest Earnings!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 5, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

So I did a phone screening on Friday for a temp-to-perm job. It went very well. I've got an interview set up on Monday at 8 am. I'd be a perfect fit for this job, so wish me luck!  In other news, yesterday was a TREMENDOUS day on Amazon MTurk!  I was able to nab 53 (!!) hits - which is the most I've done in one day in years. I'm still waiting on about 15 to approve (most of them are 4 centers) so once they all hopefully clear, I'll hit my $10 cashout mark early next week. I planned to just take the money and run, but now I'm realizing that whatever I make past $10 will just get added to the payout. So now I'm thinking I might try to squeak out a buck or two more, then cashout so that I don't have to wait to earn another $10 again. I'll be needing the money soon though, so I think I'll just play it by ear. One nice thing about Amazon MTurk is that you transfer the money straight to your U.S. bank account and if you do the transfer by 5 pm EST on a weekday (not something in the rules, just something I personally noticed), the money will hit your account the following business day (no fees!). Of course, it's been awhile since I'm had enough to cashout, so things may have changed with how quickly the money transfers over. I'll update you guys on this when it happens.

Things are getting more active for me on FusionCash. So far, the offers I've done are "instant credit" (more about 5-10 mins) and they've all confirmed for me and seem more simplified than the ones on CashCrate. I don't think I've had any of the "10 screens before you're done" type. I checked out the Pay to Post form and discovered you at first need to have at least 3 posts on the forum for them to review before you can submit an application. I submitted a couple last night and will probably do my next one today, then send in my form. The forums on FC don't seem to be as user-friendly as on CC. It took me awhile to figure out how to get my forum banner into my first post...and for the life of me, so far I can't figure out how to automatically add it as my signature. So for now, I'll just have to keep adding the HTML to the bottom of each post. Also, as far as the forums, I kept seeing references to a member called "Old Buddy" that people swear by for tutorials and how-tos. I haven't gone to read any of his posts, but he's supposedly a long time member and has helped a lot of folks there get the hang of things. Overall, I've noticed that more members there seem fiercely loyal to FC (of course, you aren't allowed to mention competitor sites on their forums, just like on CC) so it's hard to discern if FC is really their favorite, or they're just talking them up for the posting credits. I will say the forums are much more active there, which is due in part to their Pay to Post program. As long as folks post quality stuff, I think it's great. Sometimes the forums at CC are almost dead, or filled with the same old questions from newbies. I've almost given up on doing free offers on CashCrate. Just pages of muck and I never seem to do whatever it is I was supposed to do in order to get paid. I try out some from time to time with minimal success. I'm going to see if I can do more research to figure out what I'm doing wrong. For now, mostly focused on surveys and videos. And I still love the look of this site and the simplicity of use. Also, the forum moderators are fantastic and have been around for quite awhile!

I've been keeping up with my SwagBucks goals - and really like their Megabucks Fridays. I tend to win more on searches...and hit them a little more frequently than on other days. I need to check again to see if the PayPal $10 gift card is back in stock - and whether or not with any associated fees from PP - whether it would be worth it to cashout in the next few days, or wait. I'm also looking around at other gift card options that might help me avoid any fees (maybe an e-card with CVS to avoid s&h?  But I'm not sure exactly how you use your gift code at the register in person). I'll look into it.  Crowdtap has been a bit slow for me in recent days, mostly because I don't have many new "quick hits" offered to me and I'm only part of one discussion ending soon that I can earn points on once a day.  I'll keep working at it.

So far I have not published a new Yahoo! Voices article, but I did draft another one!  I've also been a little more active on the forums welcoming new members and I've noticed an increase in my page views, plus a few new fans!

And now, my earnings update! Since I haven't posted in a few days and I've already gotten to work on some of my goals today, I'm just going to post current earnings. I'm on track for all my goals today. Happy earning!

CashCrate: May earnings: $8.12
SwagBucks: 1,188
Yahoo! Voices: 6,359 page views
CrowdTap: 5,475 pts
Amazon MTurk: $9.51
FusionCash: $10.42


Excellent Earnings Day & Some MTurk Tips!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 2, 2012 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Today was astounding in terms of how many surveys I qualified for!  I'm  able to do up to 7 daily surveys on CashCrate,  and today I managed to snag 5!  I might've even gotten 6 - but I wasn't sure whether one was actually a full survey or what. I wasn't able to access the Surveyhead page (aside from the logo the page was blank), so I might try that one later tonight. I also got a SwagBucks survey, which I believe is the first one I've qualified for there (60 SB!) I finally hit the 1,000 SB mark and I'm only about 300 or so away from being able to get the first item on my wishlist ($10 PayPal gift card -- I need to check on how much PP will take out in fees though when I redeem it). Depending on how things go, I might keep earning and try for a $25 card (but you have to keep shipping & handling in mind for whatever store you're thinking of).

I'm a bit stalled out with CrowdTap on what actions I can do right now, but for completing a mission (commenting on someone's reply) and logging in, I racked up several hundred points. I was delighted to discover the survey I took on FusionCash went through today, so that was an extra buck. I also found out that you can get paid to post in their forums. You have to fill out a form to apply (haven't looked at it yet), and then post 30 good quality (i.e. not junky) posts in order to get a $3 bonus (that can apparently take up to 65 days to credit) in a certain time frame. I'll have to check this out more later. Again, I am struck by how UGLY that site is!  And why on earth they don't have your balance staring you in the face on the front page when you login is beyond me.  You shouldn't have to go digging around for it. I'd think they'd want you to see it right away. Also, I don't think I mentioned this yesterday, but in order to cashout, not only do you need at least $25, a certain amount of that (I think it's $15) has to be solely from OFFERS. Don't ask me why.  Their rules are a bit odd.

Amazon Mechanical Turk continues to be a tough nut to crack in terms of the tasks I normally do. I was finally able to get 5 tasks in a row tonight, surpassing my goal for today, but I missed out on getting any Monday or Tuesday.  Unless I decide to jump into audio transcribing (which I hear can pay decent), once I hit $10 I'm getting my money out and probably stop bothering with it altogether. Just takes too damn long for me to cashout there anymore. However, it all depends on the types of tasks you like to do. One thing to always keep in mind is to find good, trustworthy task requesters (that in itself is a bit tough). If you get one who rejects your work unnecessarily, it can completely screw up your percentages and takes ages to repair. If you don't know about a requester, my suggestion is not only to check the MTurk Forums (several different sites online), or only do 1 or 2 tasks and test the waters. Also, be sure to do the tasks correctly - you can quickly be shut out by a good requester if you make too many errors.

No news on the "real" job front. Seems to be a dud week in that regard, but I'll keep on my agencies and sending out resumes. I have a feeling things might pick up after the Kentucky Derby this weekend. I live about an hour from Louisville, but Derby weekend is a big deal around here (since I live smack dab in the bluegrass where most of these contenders were born!) 

Time to  post my earnings!  Hope you're racking up money too!

CashCrate: May earnings: $5.22  (Appears a few of my surveys haven't paid yet. Today's goal was $3. Another yay!)
SwagBucks: 1,016 (Goal was 1,000 - yippee!)
Yahoo! Voices: 6,349 page views (2 new articles in process and 1 new idea brewing)
CrowdTap: 4,960 pts (Goal was 5,000 - oops!)
Amazon MTurk: $9.05 (Goal 3 hits today - 5 completed. Yay!)
FusionCash: $8.50 (Goal was $8 - woot!)