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Pockets of Money

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on August 26, 2015 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm back after a bit of a hiatus. Things with work were starting to get a bit dicey, both in terms of the future of our office branch (business was dismal), and a manager who was on a campaign of retaliation against me because I spoke to her boss. Tense and unpleasant to say the least. Then about 3 weeks ago, we got the bittersweet news we'd been waiting for: They were shutting down our branch office and moving our workload to another branch out of state. They gave us 2 weeks notice and everyone will receive some type of severance, depending on length of service. And of course, we qualify for unemployment benefits.

Right now I'm on my 2nd week of being officially unemployed and I'm loving it!  I keep as busy as possible, with my daily to-do list, but also build in relaxation time. My favorite time is the early mornings (oddly), when I roll out of bed, brew a pot of coffee, walk the dog, then settle down in front of my computer and start writing my list for the day. Of course, looking for a job is a top priority, although pickins are slim thus far. I've also noticed that most job listings don't include salary range, which is frustrating. Based on some of the job requirements, I can tell that many of them probably pay way less than I need. I apply for 1-3 jobs a day, but haven't received any callbacks yet. I'll keep plugging away at it.

Since I might be unemployed for awhile, I'm working harder than ever on Swagbucks, Zoombucks, CashCrate and iRazoo. I'm also doing my instant wins and sweeps daily in hopes of winning some gift cards or goodies here and there.  I've joined a couple of sweepstakes forums and signed up for multiple newsletters for tips and tricks. What I'm focusing on now is creating "pockets of money" that I can dip into when things get really tight. For example, the $5 I earned from Zoombucks is sitting in my PayPal account for a rainy day, and I'm about 100 ZBs away from being able to order another $5 PayPal card. It took absolutely forever (nearly a month) for the first Zoombucks gift card to be processed, which was disappointing. But at least I know now what to expect.

As I may have mentioned before, Swagbucks is super fast in processing gift cards these days (2-3 days, when it used to be 14!) so that is wonderful. They have also really upped their game with specials and offers, like "Swag Ups," where you can get a rebate back once you redeem a gift card, for doing things like taking a certain amount of surveys within a week, or playing Swagstakes.  They also had 2 recent Team Challenges and I made a nice little chunk of SBs for partaking in both. I'm also pulling in extra SBs for hitting daily goals and making consecutive goal streaks (my best so far is 14 days). Right now I have $28 in my Amazon account (I spent my earlier earnings on 4 bottles of my favorite hard-to-find cologne). I'm less than 200 SBs away from redeeming another $25 Amazon gift card. That is going to be a NICE pocket of money to fall back on. The great thing is that I can use it towards pet food or groceries if needed, or something fun if I save up enough. I still want to get a smartphone or iPad, but that's on the back burner for the moment. I also just discovered that a former co-worker (also now unemployed) that I referred to Swagbucks months ago is starting to earn there and I received 4 SBs from referral earnings. Woot! 

I received a $20 check from CashCrate last week and got that deposited in the bank. I am spending more time on CashCrate in the mornings (mostly I just watch a few videos) and do my daily check-in (which garners 50 cents at the end of the month if you check-in daily). I need to start jumping into surveys again there to get my earnings up. Pretty soon I should have another $2 in my CashCrate account and hopefully get myself another $20 check here in a few months. 


 I'm continuing to rack up points with iRazoo, usually just by visiting their Offers page daily (5 pts), doing searchs and redeeming "treasure codes" (which are sometimes 50+ points). iRazoo treasure codes (when available) can also be located on Swag Code Spoilers. I'm nearing about 2,000 iRazoo points and my goal is 6,000 in order to get a $10 Amazon card. The nice thing about the iRazoo treasure codes is that they are active for days, whereas Swagbucks codes are only active for a matter of hours (but more are offered). Zoombucks hasn't put out a code lately. I have noticed they are few and far between, but can also be located on that site. You can just go to the main SCS page and look to the right to see which site has an active code. 


As far as instant wins (IWs) and sweeps, I haven't been quite as lucky in the last few months, but I think that's because I hit the max number of prizes on several of the games I was playing (i.e. Twix Pick-a-Side, Mars Roadtrip). Since mid-May, I've won 25 prizes worth about $130 (average retail value, although for tax purposes, it's based on fair market value, which can be pretty ambiguous from what I've read). I received several gift cards in the mail recently, including a $5 pre-paid Mastercard debit, and $10 towards AutoZone. I'm still waiting on my $10 Dollar General gift card, too. A few weeks ago I won a Target gift card for $5, so that'll be another little pocket of money coming my way. I've won 5 prizes from Corona this summer (still waiting to receive 4 of them) and can keep playing through the end of the sweeps. I received several freebie coupons in the mail (Combos, Twix, Mars candy bar) and should be getting a Dr. Pepper freebie coupon here soon. I've been able to redeem these at my local Speedway gas station and they make a nice treat!  

Speaking of which, I should get back to it. Still have my whole list of IWs and sweeps to enter today!  Off I go...good luck to you!

Instant Wins!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on June 21, 2015 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

After a 2 week dry spell of not winning anything besides another music download from the Vote 4 Twix game, things started heating up last Tuesday, when I won a coupon for a bag of Combos from the new Mars Roadtrip Instant Win game (same company, but different contests). Then on Wednesday, I won a coupon towards a free Mars candy bar (I believe it's redeemable on any of their brands) via the Mars Roadtrip Instant Win, then a $5 Dairy Queen gift card, and a free Twix bar from Vote 4 Twix!  Then on Thursday I won a music download from Mars, and on Friday, a $5 pre-paid debit card from Mars! Wowza!  The best thing about all these wins is that everything (aside from the music download codes) are being sent to me via snail mail, so I don't have to worry about printing any coupons or saving and redeeming codes. Once I won so much stuff (mostly from one place), I realized I ought to do what I should've done in the first place and double-check prize limits.  There's a reason all the great sweepers mention that the #1 advice is to read the Official Rules!  Turns out I hit my prize limit for the Twix contest with the candy win, and the Dairy Queen prize limit with the one item, and I can only win one more item via the Mars Roadtrip game. I admit I'm still getting the hang of the ins and out of the rules (sometimes it's X number of prizes per email address, or household, or physical address, etc).  I'm sure I'll still goof up along the way (as companies will cancel wins or sweeps entries if you exceed limits), but hopefully I've trained myself enough early on to not go overboard and to always read and double-check the rules!   

I don't plan to link to individual contests too much since there are so many sites out there that do it much better than I do (all in one place is so much easier!)  As mentioned before, I highly recommend FreebieShark, as well as Snazzy Win and Sweeties Sweeps. You'll find most of them list the same sweeps/instant win games, but sometimes there are variances, so I try to check all three. I also went and found a handful on my own via Google search (only going with trusted or recognizable brands to their sweeps sites), but it was a scattered, random approach. The wonderful thing about the sites like Freebie Shark, Snazzy Win and Sweeties Sweeps is that they scope out the sweeps ahead of time, and list the basics for each contest ("Code Required," "Site's Down for Maintenance," "You can only enter this once!", etc).  I spend about 15 minutes a night entering. Most of the sweeps I've entered still haven't even hit their end date, so whether I will win sweeps prizes, I have no idea!  I'm just so jazzed up about the instant wins. 

Everything else is humming along nicely. I was able to cash out 500 Zoombucks for a $5 PayPal gift card yesterday! (7-10 days to get my code - hopefully won't take that long, but finding out the wait with Zoombucks was part of my experiment using them), which is why I'm happy I cashed out at $5, so by the time that's ready (if it does take that long), I might have earned enough to cash out another!  One way I started to earn ZBs faster is to spend about an hour or so on Saturday morning watching videos (one of many ways to earn, of course). They have an hourly offers contest (must check in first) and usually after a week, I've got plenty of vids in my queue to watch that are 2 ZBs (I think you have to do at least 2 offers) to get me in the running to for a prize. Today I was 5th and got 8 ZBs! I also hit their search engine a couple times of week and reedeem any special promo codes if they're available.  

I'm still working on my new plan to try to snag one $25 Amazon gift card a month for the discounted price of 2,200 Swagbucks. Right now I'm near 1,000, so my daily goal to manage this by month's end is to earn 130 SBs a day. So far, so good!  No big news with CashCrate...have a little over $3 to earn to get to my $20 cashout minimum (but as mentioned before, I haven't been hitting CC hard at all though - just a few daily items!)  They have started offering videos "and more," all the time now, instead of just here and there when available, so that's nice!  

It's time I turn in for the night. I already accomplished so much this week, yet sometimes I can't turn my brain off. Time to reward myself with some sleep. Happy earning!

Keep On Keepin' On!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on June 14, 2015 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Whew!  Another whirlwind week of online activities and hitting goals!  I've had to work at building in free time for myself at nights and on the weekends to give myself a break. If I sit in front of my computer and I'm not doing SOMETHING (playing a game, watching a movie or TV show, or reading the news), I start working on another task and before you know it, another hour has disappeared but the points are adding up!  On average, I'm earning about 300+ Swagbucks every 2 days. I am nearing $30 in Amazon gift card earnings so far!  I'm thinking about trying a new strategy for Swagbucks where part of the month I work towards getting 2,200 SBs to earn a $25 Amazon gift card (a discount of 300 SBs). From what I've read, you can only get one of these discounted cards once a month, so the rest of the time I'll work at the $3 or $5 ones. At some point I'll probably work towards earning a different type of gift card, maybe PayPal (though it's a full 2,500 SBs for a $25 card), or $5 or $10 bucks for Domino's, Target, Walmart, CVS or something else. We shall see!  

I've ramped up my activities on Zoombucks, mainly just doing search and watching videos, and placed 3rd and 4th in a couple hourly contests this weekend and won 25 extra ZBs total. Yay!  I'm about 40 ZBs away from being able to get a $5 PayPal gift card. I'm doing a few daily activities on iRazoo, like trying for at least one search win a day, checking for promo codes (not very frequent), and hitting the offer wall just to get 5 points. I haven't even looked at InstaGC this week, and though I get daily emails from SquishyCash about daily bonuses, I haven't been back there either. Nothing against either one of those sites, but I keep coming back to the idea that I need to focus my attention on only a few instead of too many. If I start noodling around with one of those sites again, it might be SquishyCash since they seem to have a lot more "stuff" going on. Also, had I started out on either one of those sites, I would probably be using them more as they would be more familiar to me. 

Still racking up earnings (slowly) at CashCrate. They've offered more videos lately, so that's helped. I haven't even tried any surveys there lately as I expend most of my "survey energy" at Swagbucks. I'm close to $4 away from my minimum cashout amount now!  

No real news in the instant wins/sweepstakes department yet. I won a few more music downloads from Twix and things like extra sweeps entries on another few, but no real "prizes" since my last instant win of a Heineken hat. I've sent off for more freebies, and started getting a few in the mail already: Breathe Right Nasal Strips (2 lavender) and some coupons. I've been reading articles on sweeps and instant wins and the #1 advice is patience, patience, patience. Also, many sweepers said that their best wins came after a dry spell, so here's hoping!  It's funny because for most of these sweeps I don't even really want the GRAND prize (I keep thinking about tax implications, for one), I just want the little goodies. Which you're still supposed to report on your taxes (you go by the Fair Market Value, or FMV of the item, not the Average Retail Value, or ARV that the companies list).  I keep a little list of my wins and will find out the FMV for my records, when I get the prizes. I'm still in that stage where most of my mail-off freebies and sweeps I entered are months off, so right now, only a few things are trickling in (I'm actually surprised I got 2 of my freebies so far!). But if I keep up with new offers and sweeps, I should start getting at least an item a week, if not multiple items weekly.  Be sure to keep your peepers on FreebieShark for lots of fun stuff!  

It promises to be another busy week at work and on the homefront, so I'm signing off for now. Time to relax a bit and pat myself on the back for staying the course.  Happy earning, gang!

Exciting News!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on June 6, 2015 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

So, it's been a busy week!  I've been keeping up with my online money-making (and saving) activities, focusing most of my efforts on Swagbucks. I'm beginning to lose track of how many Amazon gift cards I've been able to snag so far, but it's around $23 worth (not bad for 2 weeks of effort). They are much faster now about getting the gift card codes to you (usually 2-3 days), so usually what happens is that I go to my email to verify my gift card order and one order is waiting for me to redeem!  One gorgeous aspect about using Amazon codes is that you can apply the codes to your Amazon balance for redemption later (and it never expires). I may wind up buying something different than bottles of my favorite body mist, maybe save up for something fancier and more useful. Maybe a tablet, or a phone. What's fantastic is that I recently read that Amazon has rolled out a new program where there's free shipping for non-Prime members on "small, inexpensive items" (under 8 ounces, less than $10)!  How fabulous is that?  Apparently it's still in the early stages so not everything on the site that meets these qualifications is showing the free shipping option yet. And I just discovered via the link above that the low-cost fulfillment center is located right here in Kentucky!  I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for products that qualify for this shipping feature. 

I received my May Swagbucks bonuses yesterday (for hitting my daily goal meters, and for a 14 day winning streak on hitting goals) that amounted to about 230 SBs!  That put my balance up close to the 500 SB range, so I did more activities and cashed out for a $5 Amazon gift card this time. I have been able to qualify for about a survey a day on average, sometimes two. Peanut Labs seems to still be the best route for me. I've had less luck qualifying for "Gold Surveys" or their "Partner Surveys." 

CashCrate is still moving along, though slowly. I'm now $5.34 away from my $20 minimum cashout level. I need to put a bit more elbow grease into trying daily surveys there. I'm almost at 300 ZB for Zoombucks, so I can grab another $3 Amazon gift card!  I noticed they tend to reward more times for searching than Swagbucks. This is another site I need to spend more time at. iRazoo and instaGC are both going slowly too, BUT again, I don't spend much time on either site. I discovered that you can get 5 points just for visiting iRazoo's offer page once a day, so I try to do at least that, and a few searches. Plus I always check for special codes on SBCodez or SC-S (Swagcode Spoilers). I have noticed that sometimes one of these sites missing a code (I will find it on one site, but not the other), so it's a good idea to double-check both!  There are always Swagcodes once (sometimes twice) a day -- now they are doing some only for the Swagbutton tool. iRazoo and Zoombucks tend to offer codes less often. The instaGC point booster codes are a little strange. I just tried to redeem one (though it may have expired) but it said "can only be redeemed by active users," so I don't know what that's all about. Plus you can apparently create your own code to give out, but it costs you points. Not a huge fan of that site so far anyway, so I won't worry about it. 

It's rather easy to get a little too caught up in hitting daily goals and trying to get codes entered before they expire (especially ones that expire right about the time I get home from work), and I finally realized that it's just not worth fretting over. If I hit a goal or enter a code in time, great. If not, best to move on to the next opportunity!  

And speaking of opportunities, my instant wins are beginning to add up!  On 5/30/15 I won a soccer ball from Mondelez, and on 6/1/15 I won a hat from Heinken!  I have also been signing up for freebies left and right. One of my new favorite sites is FreebieShark. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you won't miss any deals (many offers expire fast!)  So far I've signed up for 2 free magazine subscriptions (no bill ever), and samples of Breathe Right nasal strips, Nordic Naturals, Friskies, Playtex, etc. etc!  I also snagged some great deals using coupons and promos at Kroger. If you haven't already, be sure to check out KrogerKrazy!  I bought a Sunday newspaper for the first time in ages last weekend (there were 3 coupon inserts), but so far I've only be able to use one coupon (50 cents off 2 Barbasol shaving creams, which were on sale for 1.00 each last week), but I haven't been able to utilize any others. Many are for brands I don't use or want, and even with a coupon it's still cheaper to get the store brand. I will hold onto them though in case so big deals pop up. I tried printing coups from coupons.com the other day (once I got my printer hooked up and working again), but I haven't had any luck getting anything to print. There are a few tricks I can still try (see KrogerKrazy for more info) so when I'm not so tired, I'll try again. In the meantime, I'm still keeping an eye on SavingStar to get "rebates" after the fact. I need to get up to $5 to cashout (I'm at $2 right now). I can't use Ibotta since I don't have a mobile app, since I only have a basic cellphone right now. But hopefully that will change soon!

I have to say I am getting a little burnt out after hitting all this stuff so hard for the last few weeks, plus I've been really exhausted from work so I'm trying to build in more nap and relaxation time this weekend. Which reminds me, I'm exhausted and need a nap! I was up till nearly 5 am because I had trouble sleeping (I took the day off from work yesterday and took several naps), so now my schedule is out of whack. But I'm close to hitting my daily goal at Swagbucks already, so now it's time to recharge my batteries!  Happy earning and saving everyone! 

Still on Track!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 26, 2015 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm still hitting my money earning opportunities hard!  Every day I start off with a list (that I add to as needed) in a little notebook with all my goals for the day. For example, I list how much I want to earn with CashCrate, Swagbucks and Zoombucks. Under these I have a ton of little sub-goals to achieve the larger goals, like "Swagbucks: Play games for 10 SB" (which is the most you can win in a day; 2 SB's are awarded after 2 game plays).

I even plan on getting at least a few survey disqualifications a day. The ones from Peanut Labs tend to pay 1 SB if you are initially a good match, but then after a few more questions, deemed unsuitable for the survey. Others, you are weeded out right away (after one or two questions) and they pay nothing. And then once every, oh, I'd say on average about 10 tries (at least for me), I DO qualify and I answer honestly and thoughtfully and get my little treasure at the end. I prefer short surveys and even though they don't pay a whole lot (i.e. 25-48 SBs), they require so much less work and time, it's worth it to me. But at this point, getting 25+ SB for a survey is a big bonanza for me, since I avoid any offers that require money to be paid, and don't do shop & earn (at the moment, since I can't afford it!)  At any rate, the $10 PayPal gift card money I won (two $5 PayPal cards via Swagstakes) is already deposited to my bank account, I've confirmed my $3 Amazon gift card (have the gift code handy in an email I sent to myself), and am waiting on another $3 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks!  And, I'm less than 150 SB away from redeeming another $3 Amazon card!  My plan is to gather enough Amazon gift card money to hit the free shipping level ($35 minimum), then order 2 bottles of my favorite body mist I can't find in stores anywhere. If I've got enough (even if I have to pay out of pocket for this), I'm also going to buy a bag of dog food for the pooch, so I can start a stockpile in the pantry. Added bonus, the type of dog food I feed her is $3 less per bag on Amazon.

And oh, did I forget to mention that I'm less than 75 Zoombucks away from being able to redeem yet ANOTHER $3 Amazon gift card?  Though I might wait to hit 500 ZB and cash out for a PayPal card (they have smaller denomination PayPal cards available!)  

CashCrate is coming along, slowly but surely. I don't seem to qualify for as many surveys there (and I don't try as many, as I tend to focus a lot of time on Swagbucks).  Mostly I have been earning money by daily check-ins (3 cents) and watching videos (2 cents each).  I'm currently $7.15 away from my $20 cashout minimum!  

I have also joined up with iRazoo which is similar to both Swagbucks and Zoombucks. I only joined a few days ago and haven't spent a great deal of time there yet. It seems tasks and activities are worth more points, but you have to earn more points to redeem gift cards.  It seems to be a multiple of 10. So, for example,1000 iRazoo points would the equivalent of 100 Swagbucks or Zoombucks (and they all equal about $1 USD). Swagbucks is still my favorite, but Zoombucks is growing on me. Too early to tell with iRazoo yet. It feels "harder" to earn because you have to get thousands of points, compared to hundreds to redeem them for a card (but the wins feel "bigger"!) Psychological mind games!  Mainly it's hard to keep up with 3 of them, plus CashCrate!  I think I visited InstaGC just once over the long holiday weekend. I keep coming back to the thought that spreading myself too thin across too many sites is too much to track and worry about. 

Oh, before I go, I have to mention I won a few neato prizes over the weekend!  I've spent some time on SnazzyWin and SweetiesSweeps looking for contests and instant wins. I've already entered too many to even keep track of (which I tried to do, at first), so now I just keep track of my wins, which are piling up, even though fairly wee so far. Let's see, I won a music download from Twix, Avengers digital wallpaper from Subway, a $1 off Glad trash bags coupon, a $1 Nabisco coupon, 3,000 Shop Your Way Points (for Sears, Kmart), and a Corona beer Koozie (will be mailed to me)!  I also nabbed a freebie coupon for a can of Friskies cat food (also will be sent via snail mail). I much prefer the snail mail prizes. I am out of printer ink at the moment and really don't feel like spending $20 or so on ink (or $50 on a new printer) just to save a few bucks right now. In the long run, yes, worth it, but can't afford and don't "need."

I have realized that half the battle is not just siphoning a few bucks here and there for savings, or earning a few bucks here and there, but NOT spending money, *everytime you have a chance to say no.* Order pizza? No, these crackers are just fine. Co-worker is running to Starbucks, do I want anything? Yes, EVERYTHING, but no thanks, I've got free coffee from the breakroom. Sometimes I spend my lunch break thinking about how hungry I am and what I have at home already for dinner that I got a great deal on at the store. Then I nibble on a few crackers (also bought on sale) to curb the hunger pangs. Most of this challenge is changing your mindset!  So far I'm up to $60 in savings towards my goal of $795 for an extra month of rent . I might be able to slap another $5 on what's in my checking account towards my savings, plus payday is on Friday!  Most of that paycheck is already "spoken for," but the leftover amount is quite adequate to get me through for 2 weeks. Especially since I'm getting really good at this grocery store savings stuff!  Speaking of which, if you're a Kroger shopper, check out this AWESOME site, Kroger Krazy. She breaks it all down for you each day of the week. Big shout out to Katie!  She does all the hard work for you, finding sales and match-ups and stacking opportunities!  

Alright, enough outta me for now. I have to go earn more moolah!  Good luck on your quest!

I'm Back!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 17, 2015 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

After a long hiatus, I'm back!  Shortly after my last blog post in 2012, I got a full-time job (temp to perm) in the healthcare field and have been working there ever since. The first year was somewhat stressful and overwhelming, plus I was working part-time some nights and weekends throughout the year (cleaning, pet sitting, data entry). I was usually too exhausted to work on my side ventures of earning money online.  While I always NEED extra money, I was worn out!  

Recently I set a short-term goal to find ways to earn, win, save, and budget for the next 3 months so I can have at least one month of rent ($795) stockpiled.  So far I've jumped back into Swagbucks and CashCrate.  I also joined up with Zoombucks (similar to Swagbucks) and InstaGC to try some new opportunities. The Yahoo Associated Content website was discontinued sometime last summer, as I recall, but I'm on the lookout for other writing gigs. 

I have spent the bulk of my time working on earning Swagbucks, and I started something new: joining Swagstakes to win gift cards and prizes. My faves so far are the High Stakes Huge Odds, where there are a limited number of entries (sometimes as few as 3), but you have to throw more Swagbucks at them to win. Since Friday night, I've won two $5 PayPal gift cards!  They are worth about 1,000 SB combined, and my total contribution towards these limited entries was 220 SB, so I made out like a bandit. Additionally, you can't redeem PayPal gift cards in these denominations in the regular Swagbucks Reward Store (I believe the lowest denom available is $25), so I felt extra lucky!  I'm still going to use earnings in the regular SB Reward Store for my guaranteed rewards (my next goal is to get to 300 SB to earn a $3 Amazon gift card), but I plan to enter some Swagstakes here and there with my extra earnings because it's so much fun!  

As for CashCrate, I'm $8.70 away from my next cashout ($20 min). I qualified for a few surveys which really boosted my earnings, plus I do daily check-in (3 cents a day) and watch videos to whittle away at things!   I haven't gotten back into FusionCash yet because I didn't want to spread myself too thin right away. But I might jump back into it!  

And a few handy tips before I wrap up:

1) To find Swagbucks and Zoombucks Promo Codes fast and easy, check out SBCodez.  You'll see a tab up top for Zoombucks codes as well. You can subscribe to get alerts sent to your email inbox.  Another site I like is Swagcodes Spoilers, which is the one I subscribed to. This one has good info about international codes too.

I've noticed that Swagcodes are usually available once a day for a few hours, usually mid-day, expiring around 5 pm or so Eastern time (US) on weekdays. Sometimes there are two available in a day. The code from yesterday (Saturday) was available after noon and expired around 3 pm Eastern time.  Zoombucks doesn't appear to have promo codes daily, but it looks like they posted one late last night. 

2) If happen to play scratch-off lottery tickets at your local store (I did some research on this, though I haven't bought any lately), there are usually more winners in the first 10 tickets on a new roll, and much less near the end of a roll. New lottery games tend to contain more winners too, to get people excited about the game. The more you pay for a ticket, the better the odds (i.e. a $5 ticket vs. a $1 ticket). It's never a good idea to buy a whole roll because you will almost always lose more than you win (unless you happen to win a rare jackpot!).  Also, if the person ahead of you wins off a certain game, best to buy a different game. You can also ask the clerk if they know which one hasn't had any recent winners (better chances a winning ticket is coming up!). One of my favorite sites is Neville's Financial Blog and one of his experiments was to buy 100 scratch- offs and post the results. Fascinating read!

Alright folks, it's time for me to head off and earn some money!  Good luck to you!

Money Making Updates!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on June 2, 2012 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

My new job has worn me out!  I knew it was paperwork intensive, but it's much more than I bargained for!  And there are a million steps you have to follow in order to process each claim.  Luckily, I'm learning quickly, so we'll see how it goes in the coming months.

I've been trying to at least keep up with the bare minimum on my GPT ("get paid to") sites. Some days I missed the mark on searches and such, as I tended to go to bed super early most nights. I tried a few surveys but haven't qualified for anything so far this week. I've hit my $25 cashout mark for FusionCash, but I might wait another week and try to hike up my balance a bit more first.  CashCrate will be sending my payment for May in a few weeks, so I started back at zero as of yesterday. I'm waiting to hit the 1300 range on SwagBucks so I can get the $10 PayPal card. Only a few hundred to go! 

I have a ton of stuff to accomplish this weekend (along with relaxing!) so here are my latest earnings:

CashCrate: May earnings: $31.88 (check in process), June earnings: 12 cents
SwagBucks: 1,079
Yahoo! Voices: 6,514 page views
CrowdTap: 8,490 pts
Amazon MTurk: $1.46
FusionCash: $25.37


Money Earning Site Reviews: NeoBux and SendEarnings

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In my quest to find other sites that might be of value in earning extra money online, I found NeoBux. Now, you can apparently "rent referrals" on NeoBux (people who signed up with a referral link), but there's various debates on whether or not it's worth it.  I spent about an hour on Neobux checking out the site and not only is it confusing to navigate, I just don't think it's worthwhile. For visiting ad sites for a certain period of time, you earn not pennies, but FRACTIONS of a penny! You have to spend at least 1 minute on the ad per click. Since I'm on a slow computer anyway, it took forever for the pages to load, not to mention the waiting period (which isn't really explained). If I were on a faster system, I might give it a try again, but right now I've only earned .003 cents. This site also screams "cheeseball!" Geh.

I also found a recommendation for a site called SendEarnings (which vaguely rang a bell, but not one of the sites I hear about much). I earned $5 just for signing up, plus another $1 for filling out a couple quick profile-type surveys. One thing I noticed is that it's not easy to figure out the site guidelines on earnings. I had to read the site terms to discover you have to accumulate $30 (eek!) to cashout, and that they take a $3 "check processing fee" off the top before they mail it. Yikes!  I haven't yet determined if they allow PayPal as a cashout method, but so far, I don't see that they do. Most of the offers were the same ol' ones I've seen on my other sites (that I've already done, or am not interested in), so this site is going in the Geh pile for now.  I also haven't been back to DealBarbiePays after reading more reviews about it.  Accusations of not getting paid, about how if you get on the owner's "bad side," she'll find a way to not pay you, etc. It seems like a very small site anyway (I'm leary about a site like that being run by one person or a tiny staff), and I wasn't pleased with the offers, so I'm staying away.  As I just re-visited the site to grab a link, I noticed an email from the admin called "Boring Tasks."  Apparently "boring tasks" are still available. They actually CALL THEM boring? What kind of marketing is that?  Also, it appears only 3 members are currently online. Geezo. My balance is sitting at 51 cents, which was my sign-up bonus and some random task I did. Keep it Barbie!

So that will be the extent of trying new sites for awhile. I've got plenty to keep me busy with my current sites, plus with the new job starting on Tuesday, my time will be more limited anyway. CashCrate is going very well (almost at $30 this month!). They are having a special deal on surveys and offers for Memorial Day weekened. You can earn an extra 10% on each one. I haven't been able to land a new survey yet today, but I have several more to try. Getting paid 50 cents to search via their toolbar every 2.5 days is really adding up!  You can do up to 10 qualifying searches per day, although I don't think they've determined what constitutes as "qualifying yet." I just try to keep my searches "natural", keep a running log and do a few extras just in case. FusionCash's search bar is much better. It keeps track of how much you earn per day and tells you whether or not your searches are valid. The downside is that you can only earn a max of 5 cents per day searching...though it does add up.

I surpassed 700 SwagBucks the other day, so technically I can redeem another PayPal gift card for $5, but I think this time I'll wait and go for the $10 PP card. It took longer for me to get credited for my last gift card (about 10 days), and since I have some money coming in, I don't need a cashout as desperately.  I also learned a few tips about earning SwagBucks via searches. When members on the SB Facebook say they won "dubs or trips" that means "double" or "triple," as in "second" or "third" SB win that day by searching. Apparently some people have won four (quads) or even five times (quints) a day, but I think that's very rare -- and might not even happen anymore?  I've only won three times/day on two occasions which I thought was rare.  Now that I know it's very possible and common, I'll try a little harder to hit that daily.  I think two is going to be my average though.

CrowdTap dribbles along. Very few quickhits lately. I signed up to partake in some Madagascar 3 special screening in Chicago on June 2 (technically I'm within driving distance) but after 2 weeks, it's still "being moderated for approval." What the...?  Again, where are these so-called moderators?  Also I need to call them because I was having trouble verifying my account online so I can redeem points (if and when I ever reach the 20k range). I would not be surprised if I get some weirdo push back on it.  Probably best to find this out now, right?  I'm so ready to dump this site anyway. We'll see how it goes though.

No big news with FusionCash -- mainly focusing on daily tasks and search. A few more upticks in my Yahoo Voices articles, and still working on getting a new article published (well, not really - but I'm THINKING about it). I've been spending a lot of time continuing to organize around here. So much stuff!  I dropped off a load of clothes to the charity bin yesterday, and have already started a new pile. I ran across more books to sell at Half Price Books (about 10+ miles away), but I need a lot more to warrant the drive over there.  Amazon MTurk is on and off successful for me lately. I'm getting close to $1.50, so with continued effort, I might be able to cashout in a month or so.

The great news is that I finally got my check from SecondSpin!  I ran over to the ATM and got that deposited yesterday, and was also delighted to discover my unemployment check came early!  I guess due to the holiday. I also got paid my monthly cleaning money. Whew!  I was finally able to get groceries and gas, pay a few bills, and set aside a chunk for myself (still very determined to "pay myself first"), a chunk for emergencies and the rest towards rent.  I am absolutely astounded that even though I haven't had a lot coming in lately, I still managed to sock away a nice portion for myself.  Weeks of depriving myself paid off!  I celebrated by buying a Marie Callendar's Chocolate Satin Cream Pie on sale yesterday. That first slice tasted like heaven!  And I've got a nice stash of nibs in the fridge and pantry - but I've hardly eaten any of it yet. I'm so used to feeling hungry all the time now, I almost forget to eat. Just knowing I HAVE food and can BUY MORE is very comforting though. I was so tempted to dip into my savings to get a sandwich from Jimmy John's on Friday, but I kept my promise not to touch that money. Go me!

That's enough from me at the moment. I'm gonna have some well-deserved lunch!  Here are my latest earnings. Good luck to you!

CashCrate: May earnings: $29.67
SwagBucks: 836
Yahoo! Voices: 6,489 page views
CrowdTap: 8,200 pts
Amazon MTurk: $1.29
FusionCash: $23.98


First CashCrate Check Arrived & Tips on Earning SwagBucks via Games

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Yippee!  Yesterday I got my first CashCrate check in the mail for $24.15!  Look for the one from "Melissa" posted on May 22, 2012. It was actually probably in my box on Monday, but I didn't bother checking because I didn't think I'd get it till mid-late this week. What I forgot is that they cut the checks on the 15th of the month and mail them out at the end of that week (I think -- I can't remember exactly, but I saw something about it in the forums). By submitting a photo of my check, I received 20 points, which you can either use to compete in tournaments, or use to buy prizes (which I didn't realize till after I'd used about 10 of my first points on games). I'm saving mine up now.  Earnings on CashCrate continue to add up nicely. I'm at $27.81 towards my June check and I haven't even been trying to qualify for all the surveys daily -- I was getting a little burnt out so did a few random tries the last couple days. I also competed in their daily live contest Monday night and won about 10 cents on a trivia question.

The SwagBucks Swag Code Extravaganza on Monday was fun...for awhile, then the day just dragged and I was getting very antsy and annoyed. They released the first code about 8 am Eastern (5 am Pacific) and didn't release the next one till 12:30 pm Eastern!  First of all, I saw many people complain about it being on a Monday in the first place, since most folks have to be at work and can't participate. Since you have to had to have the first 7 codes to figure out the last one (worth 20 SBs),  if you come home from work and then try to join in (and scramble finding whatever codes might still be available to solve the final puzzle), you're pretty much a SOL unless someone cheats and gives you the answers. Several of the codes were only available for a short time and then disappeared. Second, a lot of people did wake up early and hung around the SwagBucks Facebook page, talking back and forth about where the next code would be, then patiently waited...and waited and waited. One gal was holding off taking her pain meds and lying down until the 2nd code came out...others were running late for appointments thinking the next code would come out any minute. Obviously you can't please everyone, and you can't put off your life for these dang things, but spacing the release of first and second codes 4.5 hours apart was ridiculous. After that, they hit almost every hour or so. I finally had to take a nap because I had a splitting sinus headache. I thought I'd given myself plenty of time to get back to the computer, but after hitting snooze a few times, I missed entering a code by 1 minute!  I nabbed about 65 SBs through the course of the day, but I will NEVER sit around waiting through one of those again!  By the time it was all over, 12+ hours had elapsed! Had I qualified for a survey, I would've made nearly the same amount in half an hour. The upside is that I'm less than 100 SBs away from redeeming another $5 PayPal card.

Also, I learned a quick tip from another SwagBucks member on how to consistently earn 10 SBs a day on playing games there. First, always let the ad play through before each game. Play one game (however many rounds you want), then reset by hitting "Back to Games" arrow near the top right side of the screen, then repeat with another game. After that, you'll get 2 SBs. As far as I can tell, 10 is the limit you can make on games in a day.  They have lots of fun games there and it's free to play, unlike some sites where you have to use your points.  It's a nice break too!

FusionCash is humming along slowly...nothing major there. Haven't qualified for a survey in awhile, and no new offers I'm really interested in trying, so I just focus on doing my daily earnings (15 cents paid to click, 2 cent daily email ad click, 5 cents for doing 20 searches on the toolbar). I'm racking up some points on CrowdTap here and there (nice batch of quick hits today), but that site is wearing thin on me. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but after I hit my 20k-whatever requirement to redeem a gift card, I'm setting CrowdTap aside. If I liked to host sampling parties or events...or had friends on Facebook who would contribute ("get 5 friends to like this and you'll earn x points...") it might be worth it.

Amazon Mechanical Turk has been a dud the last couple days in terms of HITs. I've got 7 pending from several days ago, so my account is just sitting there at 67 cents still. However, I've had some higher views on Yahoo! Voices lately, and I spent part of Sunday getting one of my new articles close to completion.

In other news, I completed a 4 hour temp gig today. I thought I'd be covering the phones by myself while everyone went to some big meeting. I arrived as scheduled at 9:30. As it turns out, it was a retirement party at a nearby hotel, from 12-1. The receptionist showed me the ropes on how to use the phone system (took about 5 minutes), and then we sat there next to each, chit chatting until she left for the party at 11:50. I only covered the phones myself for a little over an hour. She was back by 1:15. I submitted my electronic time card, gathered my things and headed out by 1:30. I have NO idea why they brought me at 9:30!  The only thing I can think is that because they had to pay a minimum of 4 hours, they figured they'd keep me there the entire time. Although, you would think they'd have me do something else while both of us were sitting there. Sort papers or stuff envelopes or something. Very odd. But hey, I got paid, my parking was validated and it was easy money!  Then I headed over to do my bi-weekly housecleaning, and was home before 4 pm.

I also determined today (after calling the rep at my agency) that my new job starts next Tuesday, after the Memorial Day holiday.  Last I heard from him (Monday morning after I'd called in), I would probably start tomorrow...I've been waiting for him to confirm. When was he planning on telling me this??!!!  I figured this would happen, which is why I made a note to contact him by today. Sheesh!! 

I jumped into doing my online earning soon after I settled in back home, but I haven't even tried any surveys yet. Exhausted from cleaning, and my allergies are kicking up again. But I have FIVE more days to myself, and I know tomorrow morning I'll be in a better mood.  I will miss my daily routine once I'm back out in the working world again, but I could also use a break from constantly going back and forth between websites!  I figure I'll spend several hours a night on tasks, but I also know it'll depend on how this day job goes. At the very least, I still want to try for my minimum cashouts on CashCrate and FusionCash monthly (FC will be tougher because of their $25 mark). So realistically, I think I can hit CC every month, but FC might be closer to once every 2 months. I'm hoping I can utilize the SwagBucks search while I'm at work here and there (not installing a toolbar, but just logging into the site to use their search feature when I have to search for something work related), but it's going to depend on their firewalls and IT security and such.  Right now, I'm thinking my internet access will be limited there, plus I'll be way too busy to even think about it until I get the lay of the land (and I'm not about to push things and try to "sneak it in" because you never know how much you're being monitored -- especially as a newbie!)  Even if I can only use SB at home (most likely), I hope to earn at least $5-$10 in PayPal gift cards per month.

I've had a couple mantras in my head lately, because things are so tight financially. First is: Waste not, want not (squeezing out the last of the toothpaste, getting the last drops of laundry detergent, dish soap or ketchup). I also avoided a BIG temptation to swing by Jimmy John's after cleaning this afternoon (I was so hungry and don't have much left to eat at home right now), but I kept thinking "Pay yourself first, pay yourself first...don't tap into that money, don't tap into that money.")  So I didn't and made do with nibbling on a hot dog, then later cinnamon toast. I should be getting a check from SecondSpin any day, so then I'll hit the grocery store! 

Alright, that's enough rambling from me for today!  Here are my latest totals. Happy earning! 

CashCrate: May earnings: $27.81
SwagBucks: 606
Yahoo! Voices: 6,463 page views
CrowdTap: 8,170 pts
Amazon MTurk: 67 cents (7 HITs pending)
FusionCash: $23.03


Swag Code Extravaganza Today!

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SwagBucks is having an all day Swag Code Extravaganza, giving out 8 SwagBucks codes. The first one is available till 11 am Eastern time (8 am PDT), worth 8 SBs!  For some reason, their widget says no code is available. I asked about it on their Facebook page and someone said the widget only works for about 70% of Swag Codes - hmmm, interesting! I can't give out the code, but if you want to know where to find it...TWEET TWEET folks!  They won't release the next one until the first one has expired -- not sure yet where the 2nd one will turn up, but I'll have my Twitter feed (@AzeriZ) open all day...plus will check their Facebook page, blog, etc. Good luck guys!