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Instant Wins!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on June 21, 2015 at 1:40 AM

After a 2 week dry spell of not winning anything besides another music download from the Vote 4 Twix game, things started heating up last Tuesday, when I won a coupon for a bag of Combos from the new Mars Roadtrip Instant Win game (same company, but different contests). Then on Wednesday, I won a coupon towards a free Mars candy bar (I believe it's redeemable on any of their brands) via the Mars Roadtrip Instant Win, then a $5 Dairy Queen gift card, and a free Twix bar from Vote 4 Twix!  Then on Thursday I won a music download from Mars, and on Friday, a $5 pre-paid debit card from Mars! Wowza!  The best thing about all these wins is that everything (aside from the music download codes) are being sent to me via snail mail, so I don't have to worry about printing any coupons or saving and redeeming codes. Once I won so much stuff (mostly from one place), I realized I ought to do what I should've done in the first place and double-check prize limits.  There's a reason all the great sweepers mention that the #1 advice is to read the Official Rules!  Turns out I hit my prize limit for the Twix contest with the candy win, and the Dairy Queen prize limit with the one item, and I can only win one more item via the Mars Roadtrip game. I admit I'm still getting the hang of the ins and out of the rules (sometimes it's X number of prizes per email address, or household, or physical address, etc).  I'm sure I'll still goof up along the way (as companies will cancel wins or sweeps entries if you exceed limits), but hopefully I've trained myself enough early on to not go overboard and to always read and double-check the rules!   

I don't plan to link to individual contests too much since there are so many sites out there that do it much better than I do (all in one place is so much easier!)  As mentioned before, I highly recommend FreebieShark, as well as Snazzy Win and Sweeties Sweeps. You'll find most of them list the same sweeps/instant win games, but sometimes there are variances, so I try to check all three. I also went and found a handful on my own via Google search (only going with trusted or recognizable brands to their sweeps sites), but it was a scattered, random approach. The wonderful thing about the sites like Freebie Shark, Snazzy Win and Sweeties Sweeps is that they scope out the sweeps ahead of time, and list the basics for each contest ("Code Required," "Site's Down for Maintenance," "You can only enter this once!", etc).  I spend about 15 minutes a night entering. Most of the sweeps I've entered still haven't even hit their end date, so whether I will win sweeps prizes, I have no idea!  I'm just so jazzed up about the instant wins. 

Everything else is humming along nicely. I was able to cash out 500 Zoombucks for a $5 PayPal gift card yesterday! (7-10 days to get my code - hopefully won't take that long, but finding out the wait with Zoombucks was part of my experiment using them), which is why I'm happy I cashed out at $5, so by the time that's ready (if it does take that long), I might have earned enough to cash out another!  One way I started to earn ZBs faster is to spend about an hour or so on Saturday morning watching videos (one of many ways to earn, of course). They have an hourly offers contest (must check in first) and usually after a week, I've got plenty of vids in my queue to watch that are 2 ZBs (I think you have to do at least 2 offers) to get me in the running to for a prize. Today I was 5th and got 8 ZBs! I also hit their search engine a couple times of week and reedeem any special promo codes if they're available.  

I'm still working on my new plan to try to snag one $25 Amazon gift card a month for the discounted price of 2,200 Swagbucks. Right now I'm near 1,000, so my daily goal to manage this by month's end is to earn 130 SBs a day. So far, so good!  No big news with CashCrate...have a little over $3 to earn to get to my $20 cashout minimum (but as mentioned before, I haven't been hitting CC hard at all though - just a few daily items!)  They have started offering videos "and more," all the time now, instead of just here and there when available, so that's nice!  

It's time I turn in for the night. I already accomplished so much this week, yet sometimes I can't turn my brain off. Time to reward myself with some sleep. Happy earning!

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