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Keep On Keepin' On!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on June 14, 2015 at 9:55 PM

Whew!  Another whirlwind week of online activities and hitting goals!  I've had to work at building in free time for myself at nights and on the weekends to give myself a break. If I sit in front of my computer and I'm not doing SOMETHING (playing a game, watching a movie or TV show, or reading the news), I start working on another task and before you know it, another hour has disappeared but the points are adding up!  On average, I'm earning about 300+ Swagbucks every 2 days. I am nearing $30 in Amazon gift card earnings so far!  I'm thinking about trying a new strategy for Swagbucks where part of the month I work towards getting 2,200 SBs to earn a $25 Amazon gift card (a discount of 300 SBs). From what I've read, you can only get one of these discounted cards once a month, so the rest of the time I'll work at the $3 or $5 ones. At some point I'll probably work towards earning a different type of gift card, maybe PayPal (though it's a full 2,500 SBs for a $25 card), or $5 or $10 bucks for Domino's, Target, Walmart, CVS or something else. We shall see!  

I've ramped up my activities on Zoombucks, mainly just doing search and watching videos, and placed 3rd and 4th in a couple hourly contests this weekend and won 25 extra ZBs total. Yay!  I'm about 40 ZBs away from being able to get a $5 PayPal gift card. I'm doing a few daily activities on iRazoo, like trying for at least one search win a day, checking for promo codes (not very frequent), and hitting the offer wall just to get 5 points. I haven't even looked at InstaGC this week, and though I get daily emails from SquishyCash about daily bonuses, I haven't been back there either. Nothing against either one of those sites, but I keep coming back to the idea that I need to focus my attention on only a few instead of too many. If I start noodling around with one of those sites again, it might be SquishyCash since they seem to have a lot more "stuff" going on. Also, had I started out on either one of those sites, I would probably be using them more as they would be more familiar to me. 

Still racking up earnings (slowly) at CashCrate. They've offered more videos lately, so that's helped. I haven't even tried any surveys there lately as I expend most of my "survey energy" at Swagbucks. I'm close to $4 away from my minimum cashout amount now!  

No real news in the instant wins/sweepstakes department yet. I won a few more music downloads from Twix and things like extra sweeps entries on another few, but no real "prizes" since my last instant win of a Heineken hat. I've sent off for more freebies, and started getting a few in the mail already: Breathe Right Nasal Strips (2 lavender) and some coupons. I've been reading articles on sweeps and instant wins and the #1 advice is patience, patience, patience. Also, many sweepers said that their best wins came after a dry spell, so here's hoping!  It's funny because for most of these sweeps I don't even really want the GRAND prize (I keep thinking about tax implications, for one), I just want the little goodies. Which you're still supposed to report on your taxes (you go by the Fair Market Value, or FMV of the item, not the Average Retail Value, or ARV that the companies list).  I keep a little list of my wins and will find out the FMV for my records, when I get the prizes. I'm still in that stage where most of my mail-off freebies and sweeps I entered are months off, so right now, only a few things are trickling in (I'm actually surprised I got 2 of my freebies so far!). But if I keep up with new offers and sweeps, I should start getting at least an item a week, if not multiple items weekly.  Be sure to keep your peepers on FreebieShark for lots of fun stuff!  

It promises to be another busy week at work and on the homefront, so I'm signing off for now. Time to relax a bit and pat myself on the back for staying the course.  Happy earning, gang!

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