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Still on Track!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 26, 2015 at 6:20 PM

I'm still hitting my money earning opportunities hard!  Every day I start off with a list (that I add to as needed) in a little notebook with all my goals for the day. For example, I list how much I want to earn with CashCrate, Swagbucks and Zoombucks. Under these I have a ton of little sub-goals to achieve the larger goals, like "Swagbucks: Play games for 10 SB" (which is the most you can win in a day; 2 SB's are awarded after 2 game plays).

I even plan on getting at least a few survey disqualifications a day. The ones from Peanut Labs tend to pay 1 SB if you are initially a good match, but then after a few more questions, deemed unsuitable for the survey. Others, you are weeded out right away (after one or two questions) and they pay nothing. And then once every, oh, I'd say on average about 10 tries (at least for me), I DO qualify and I answer honestly and thoughtfully and get my little treasure at the end. I prefer short surveys and even though they don't pay a whole lot (i.e. 25-48 SBs), they require so much less work and time, it's worth it to me. But at this point, getting 25+ SB for a survey is a big bonanza for me, since I avoid any offers that require money to be paid, and don't do shop & earn (at the moment, since I can't afford it!)  At any rate, the $10 PayPal gift card money I won (two $5 PayPal cards via Swagstakes) is already deposited to my bank account, I've confirmed my $3 Amazon gift card (have the gift code handy in an email I sent to myself), and am waiting on another $3 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks!  And, I'm less than 150 SB away from redeeming another $3 Amazon card!  My plan is to gather enough Amazon gift card money to hit the free shipping level ($35 minimum), then order 2 bottles of my favorite body mist I can't find in stores anywhere. If I've got enough (even if I have to pay out of pocket for this), I'm also going to buy a bag of dog food for the pooch, so I can start a stockpile in the pantry. Added bonus, the type of dog food I feed her is $3 less per bag on Amazon.

And oh, did I forget to mention that I'm less than 75 Zoombucks away from being able to redeem yet ANOTHER $3 Amazon gift card?  Though I might wait to hit 500 ZB and cash out for a PayPal card (they have smaller denomination PayPal cards available!)  

CashCrate is coming along, slowly but surely. I don't seem to qualify for as many surveys there (and I don't try as many, as I tend to focus a lot of time on Swagbucks).  Mostly I have been earning money by daily check-ins (3 cents) and watching videos (2 cents each).  I'm currently $7.15 away from my $20 cashout minimum!  

I have also joined up with iRazoo which is similar to both Swagbucks and Zoombucks. I only joined a few days ago and haven't spent a great deal of time there yet. It seems tasks and activities are worth more points, but you have to earn more points to redeem gift cards.  It seems to be a multiple of 10. So, for example,1000 iRazoo points would the equivalent of 100 Swagbucks or Zoombucks (and they all equal about $1 USD). Swagbucks is still my favorite, but Zoombucks is growing on me. Too early to tell with iRazoo yet. It feels "harder" to earn because you have to get thousands of points, compared to hundreds to redeem them for a card (but the wins feel "bigger"!) Psychological mind games!  Mainly it's hard to keep up with 3 of them, plus CashCrate!  I think I visited InstaGC just once over the long holiday weekend. I keep coming back to the thought that spreading myself too thin across too many sites is too much to track and worry about. 

Oh, before I go, I have to mention I won a few neato prizes over the weekend!  I've spent some time on SnazzyWin and SweetiesSweeps looking for contests and instant wins. I've already entered too many to even keep track of (which I tried to do, at first), so now I just keep track of my wins, which are piling up, even though fairly wee so far. Let's see, I won a music download from Twix, Avengers digital wallpaper from Subway, a $1 off Glad trash bags coupon, a $1 Nabisco coupon, 3,000 Shop Your Way Points (for Sears, Kmart), and a Corona beer Koozie (will be mailed to me)!  I also nabbed a freebie coupon for a can of Friskies cat food (also will be sent via snail mail). I much prefer the snail mail prizes. I am out of printer ink at the moment and really don't feel like spending $20 or so on ink (or $50 on a new printer) just to save a few bucks right now. In the long run, yes, worth it, but can't afford and don't "need."

I have realized that half the battle is not just siphoning a few bucks here and there for savings, or earning a few bucks here and there, but NOT spending money, *everytime you have a chance to say no.* Order pizza? No, these crackers are just fine. Co-worker is running to Starbucks, do I want anything? Yes, EVERYTHING, but no thanks, I've got free coffee from the breakroom. Sometimes I spend my lunch break thinking about how hungry I am and what I have at home already for dinner that I got a great deal on at the store. Then I nibble on a few crackers (also bought on sale) to curb the hunger pangs. Most of this challenge is changing your mindset!  So far I'm up to $60 in savings towards my goal of $795 for an extra month of rent . I might be able to slap another $5 on what's in my checking account towards my savings, plus payday is on Friday!  Most of that paycheck is already "spoken for," but the leftover amount is quite adequate to get me through for 2 weeks. Especially since I'm getting really good at this grocery store savings stuff!  Speaking of which, if you're a Kroger shopper, check out this AWESOME site, Kroger Krazy. She breaks it all down for you each day of the week. Big shout out to Katie!  She does all the hard work for you, finding sales and match-ups and stacking opportunities!  

Alright, enough outta me for now. I have to go earn more moolah!  Good luck on your quest!

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