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Money Earning Site Reviews: NeoBux and SendEarnings

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 27, 2012 at 1:40 PM

In my quest to find other sites that might be of value in earning extra money online, I found NeoBux. Now, you can apparently "rent referrals" on NeoBux (people who signed up with a referral link), but there's various debates on whether or not it's worth it.  I spent about an hour on Neobux checking out the site and not only is it confusing to navigate, I just don't think it's worthwhile. For visiting ad sites for a certain period of time, you earn not pennies, but FRACTIONS of a penny! You have to spend at least 1 minute on the ad per click. Since I'm on a slow computer anyway, it took forever for the pages to load, not to mention the waiting period (which isn't really explained). If I were on a faster system, I might give it a try again, but right now I've only earned .003 cents. This site also screams "cheeseball!" Geh.

I also found a recommendation for a site called SendEarnings (which vaguely rang a bell, but not one of the sites I hear about much). I earned $5 just for signing up, plus another $1 for filling out a couple quick profile-type surveys. One thing I noticed is that it's not easy to figure out the site guidelines on earnings. I had to read the site terms to discover you have to accumulate $30 (eek!) to cashout, and that they take a $3 "check processing fee" off the top before they mail it. Yikes!  I haven't yet determined if they allow PayPal as a cashout method, but so far, I don't see that they do. Most of the offers were the same ol' ones I've seen on my other sites (that I've already done, or am not interested in), so this site is going in the Geh pile for now.  I also haven't been back to DealBarbiePays after reading more reviews about it.  Accusations of not getting paid, about how if you get on the owner's "bad side," she'll find a way to not pay you, etc. It seems like a very small site anyway (I'm leary about a site like that being run by one person or a tiny staff), and I wasn't pleased with the offers, so I'm staying away.  As I just re-visited the site to grab a link, I noticed an email from the admin called "Boring Tasks."  Apparently "boring tasks" are still available. They actually CALL THEM boring? What kind of marketing is that?  Also, it appears only 3 members are currently online. Geezo. My balance is sitting at 51 cents, which was my sign-up bonus and some random task I did. Keep it Barbie!

So that will be the extent of trying new sites for awhile. I've got plenty to keep me busy with my current sites, plus with the new job starting on Tuesday, my time will be more limited anyway. CashCrate is going very well (almost at $30 this month!). They are having a special deal on surveys and offers for Memorial Day weekened. You can earn an extra 10% on each one. I haven't been able to land a new survey yet today, but I have several more to try. Getting paid 50 cents to search via their toolbar every 2.5 days is really adding up!  You can do up to 10 qualifying searches per day, although I don't think they've determined what constitutes as "qualifying yet." I just try to keep my searches "natural", keep a running log and do a few extras just in case. FusionCash's search bar is much better. It keeps track of how much you earn per day and tells you whether or not your searches are valid. The downside is that you can only earn a max of 5 cents per day searching...though it does add up.

I surpassed 700 SwagBucks the other day, so technically I can redeem another PayPal gift card for $5, but I think this time I'll wait and go for the $10 PP card. It took longer for me to get credited for my last gift card (about 10 days), and since I have some money coming in, I don't need a cashout as desperately.  I also learned a few tips about earning SwagBucks via searches. When members on the SB Facebook say they won "dubs or trips" that means "double" or "triple," as in "second" or "third" SB win that day by searching. Apparently some people have won four (quads) or even five times (quints) a day, but I think that's very rare -- and might not even happen anymore?  I've only won three times/day on two occasions which I thought was rare.  Now that I know it's very possible and common, I'll try a little harder to hit that daily.  I think two is going to be my average though.

CrowdTap dribbles along. Very few quickhits lately. I signed up to partake in some Madagascar 3 special screening in Chicago on June 2 (technically I'm within driving distance) but after 2 weeks, it's still "being moderated for approval." What the...?  Again, where are these so-called moderators?  Also I need to call them because I was having trouble verifying my account online so I can redeem points (if and when I ever reach the 20k range). I would not be surprised if I get some weirdo push back on it.  Probably best to find this out now, right?  I'm so ready to dump this site anyway. We'll see how it goes though.

No big news with FusionCash -- mainly focusing on daily tasks and search. A few more upticks in my Yahoo Voices articles, and still working on getting a new article published (well, not really - but I'm THINKING about it). I've been spending a lot of time continuing to organize around here. So much stuff!  I dropped off a load of clothes to the charity bin yesterday, and have already started a new pile. I ran across more books to sell at Half Price Books (about 10+ miles away), but I need a lot more to warrant the drive over there.  Amazon MTurk is on and off successful for me lately. I'm getting close to $1.50, so with continued effort, I might be able to cashout in a month or so.

The great news is that I finally got my check from SecondSpin!  I ran over to the ATM and got that deposited yesterday, and was also delighted to discover my unemployment check came early!  I guess due to the holiday. I also got paid my monthly cleaning money. Whew!  I was finally able to get groceries and gas, pay a few bills, and set aside a chunk for myself (still very determined to "pay myself first"), a chunk for emergencies and the rest towards rent.  I am absolutely astounded that even though I haven't had a lot coming in lately, I still managed to sock away a nice portion for myself.  Weeks of depriving myself paid off!  I celebrated by buying a Marie Callendar's Chocolate Satin Cream Pie on sale yesterday. That first slice tasted like heaven!  And I've got a nice stash of nibs in the fridge and pantry - but I've hardly eaten any of it yet. I'm so used to feeling hungry all the time now, I almost forget to eat. Just knowing I HAVE food and can BUY MORE is very comforting though. I was so tempted to dip into my savings to get a sandwich from Jimmy John's on Friday, but I kept my promise not to touch that money. Go me!

That's enough from me at the moment. I'm gonna have some well-deserved lunch!  Here are my latest earnings. Good luck to you!

CashCrate: May earnings: $29.67
SwagBucks: 836
Yahoo! Voices: 6,489 page views
CrowdTap: 8,200 pts
Amazon MTurk: $1.29
FusionCash: $23.98


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