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First CashCrate Check Arrived & Tips on Earning SwagBucks via Games

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 23, 2012 at 8:50 PM

Yippee!  Yesterday I got my first CashCrate check in the mail for $24.15!  Look for the one from "Melissa" posted on May 22, 2012. It was actually probably in my box on Monday, but I didn't bother checking because I didn't think I'd get it till mid-late this week. What I forgot is that they cut the checks on the 15th of the month and mail them out at the end of that week (I think -- I can't remember exactly, but I saw something about it in the forums). By submitting a photo of my check, I received 20 points, which you can either use to compete in tournaments, or use to buy prizes (which I didn't realize till after I'd used about 10 of my first points on games). I'm saving mine up now.  Earnings on CashCrate continue to add up nicely. I'm at $27.81 towards my June check and I haven't even been trying to qualify for all the surveys daily -- I was getting a little burnt out so did a few random tries the last couple days. I also competed in their daily live contest Monday night and won about 10 cents on a trivia question.

The SwagBucks Swag Code Extravaganza on Monday was fun...for awhile, then the day just dragged and I was getting very antsy and annoyed. They released the first code about 8 am Eastern (5 am Pacific) and didn't release the next one till 12:30 pm Eastern!  First of all, I saw many people complain about it being on a Monday in the first place, since most folks have to be at work and can't participate. Since you have to had to have the first 7 codes to figure out the last one (worth 20 SBs),  if you come home from work and then try to join in (and scramble finding whatever codes might still be available to solve the final puzzle), you're pretty much a SOL unless someone cheats and gives you the answers. Several of the codes were only available for a short time and then disappeared. Second, a lot of people did wake up early and hung around the SwagBucks Facebook page, talking back and forth about where the next code would be, then patiently waited...and waited and waited. One gal was holding off taking her pain meds and lying down until the 2nd code came out...others were running late for appointments thinking the next code would come out any minute. Obviously you can't please everyone, and you can't put off your life for these dang things, but spacing the release of first and second codes 4.5 hours apart was ridiculous. After that, they hit almost every hour or so. I finally had to take a nap because I had a splitting sinus headache. I thought I'd given myself plenty of time to get back to the computer, but after hitting snooze a few times, I missed entering a code by 1 minute!  I nabbed about 65 SBs through the course of the day, but I will NEVER sit around waiting through one of those again!  By the time it was all over, 12+ hours had elapsed! Had I qualified for a survey, I would've made nearly the same amount in half an hour. The upside is that I'm less than 100 SBs away from redeeming another $5 PayPal card.

Also, I learned a quick tip from another SwagBucks member on how to consistently earn 10 SBs a day on playing games there. First, always let the ad play through before each game. Play one game (however many rounds you want), then reset by hitting "Back to Games" arrow near the top right side of the screen, then repeat with another game. After that, you'll get 2 SBs. As far as I can tell, 10 is the limit you can make on games in a day.  They have lots of fun games there and it's free to play, unlike some sites where you have to use your points.  It's a nice break too!

FusionCash is humming along slowly...nothing major there. Haven't qualified for a survey in awhile, and no new offers I'm really interested in trying, so I just focus on doing my daily earnings (15 cents paid to click, 2 cent daily email ad click, 5 cents for doing 20 searches on the toolbar). I'm racking up some points on CrowdTap here and there (nice batch of quick hits today), but that site is wearing thin on me. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but after I hit my 20k-whatever requirement to redeem a gift card, I'm setting CrowdTap aside. If I liked to host sampling parties or events...or had friends on Facebook who would contribute ("get 5 friends to like this and you'll earn x points...") it might be worth it.

Amazon Mechanical Turk has been a dud the last couple days in terms of HITs. I've got 7 pending from several days ago, so my account is just sitting there at 67 cents still. However, I've had some higher views on Yahoo! Voices lately, and I spent part of Sunday getting one of my new articles close to completion.

In other news, I completed a 4 hour temp gig today. I thought I'd be covering the phones by myself while everyone went to some big meeting. I arrived as scheduled at 9:30. As it turns out, it was a retirement party at a nearby hotel, from 12-1. The receptionist showed me the ropes on how to use the phone system (took about 5 minutes), and then we sat there next to each, chit chatting until she left for the party at 11:50. I only covered the phones myself for a little over an hour. She was back by 1:15. I submitted my electronic time card, gathered my things and headed out by 1:30. I have NO idea why they brought me at 9:30!  The only thing I can think is that because they had to pay a minimum of 4 hours, they figured they'd keep me there the entire time. Although, you would think they'd have me do something else while both of us were sitting there. Sort papers or stuff envelopes or something. Very odd. But hey, I got paid, my parking was validated and it was easy money!  Then I headed over to do my bi-weekly housecleaning, and was home before 4 pm.

I also determined today (after calling the rep at my agency) that my new job starts next Tuesday, after the Memorial Day holiday.  Last I heard from him (Monday morning after I'd called in), I would probably start tomorrow...I've been waiting for him to confirm. When was he planning on telling me this??!!!  I figured this would happen, which is why I made a note to contact him by today. Sheesh!! 

I jumped into doing my online earning soon after I settled in back home, but I haven't even tried any surveys yet. Exhausted from cleaning, and my allergies are kicking up again. But I have FIVE more days to myself, and I know tomorrow morning I'll be in a better mood.  I will miss my daily routine once I'm back out in the working world again, but I could also use a break from constantly going back and forth between websites!  I figure I'll spend several hours a night on tasks, but I also know it'll depend on how this day job goes. At the very least, I still want to try for my minimum cashouts on CashCrate and FusionCash monthly (FC will be tougher because of their $25 mark). So realistically, I think I can hit CC every month, but FC might be closer to once every 2 months. I'm hoping I can utilize the SwagBucks search while I'm at work here and there (not installing a toolbar, but just logging into the site to use their search feature when I have to search for something work related), but it's going to depend on their firewalls and IT security and such.  Right now, I'm thinking my internet access will be limited there, plus I'll be way too busy to even think about it until I get the lay of the land (and I'm not about to push things and try to "sneak it in" because you never know how much you're being monitored -- especially as a newbie!)  Even if I can only use SB at home (most likely), I hope to earn at least $5-$10 in PayPal gift cards per month.

I've had a couple mantras in my head lately, because things are so tight financially. First is: Waste not, want not (squeezing out the last of the toothpaste, getting the last drops of laundry detergent, dish soap or ketchup). I also avoided a BIG temptation to swing by Jimmy John's after cleaning this afternoon (I was so hungry and don't have much left to eat at home right now), but I kept thinking "Pay yourself first, pay yourself first...don't tap into that money, don't tap into that money.")  So I didn't and made do with nibbling on a hot dog, then later cinnamon toast. I should be getting a check from SecondSpin any day, so then I'll hit the grocery store! 

Alright, that's enough rambling from me for today!  Here are my latest totals. Happy earning! 

CashCrate: May earnings: $27.81
SwagBucks: 606
Yahoo! Voices: 6,463 page views
CrowdTap: 8,170 pts
Amazon MTurk: 67 cents (7 HITs pending)
FusionCash: $23.03


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