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Stellar Day!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on April 25, 2012 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Last night I wasn't able to access the site to post a new entry, plus things were slow on the earnings side as well. In a bit of a holding pattern, waiting for things to confirm.  However, today I finally earned my first $20 on CashCrate!  I landed a survey tonight about laundry detergent and earned 80 cents for it. Yay!  My CC earnings are now at $20.31, so I'm automatically eligible to receive a check in May!  Whatever I earn until the end of April will be tacked on it as well. I believe you can set your amount to a level over $20, but I need the moolah too damn bad to do that! 

In other news, my temp gig wrapped up today. I wasn't able to noodle around online as much because I actually had to do some work. Heh. Someone from accounting asked if I'd fold invoices, stuff them in envelopes, and then run them through the postage machine.  No problem. So I figured, oh, it'll 30 minutes of work. Then she brought down the stack of invoices. At least 100!  It took almost 2 hours!  And without revealing too much, let's just say I now understand why they can afford to stock the pantry and fridge to the hilt with free goodies. One invoice alone was close to a million.  YES. I KNOW!!  Then after that, one of the tech guys had to install some software on the lobby computer ("It'll take 5 minutes.") I knew better. Took over an hour, so while I stayed relatively nearby to listen for the phone, I wandered around the lobby, kitchen and conference room, nibbled some snacks (Chips Ahoy), read a magazine and a little inspiration/picture book on success by Mac Anderson. There was a great quote in there - "Inch by inch, life's a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard." Basically meaning you have to set realistic goals for yourself in order to keep up your motivation. Of course, I know a little something about that! 

The SwagBucks continue to add up nicely! I won twice today by doing searches, earned 10 SB for creating an account with BeautyMint, collected all my daily goodies, and watched a heap of videos. I actually had these playing while I was stuffing envelopes, so that was nice multi-tasking if I do say so myself.

Two other great things happened today. First, the Operations Manager complimented me and said "It's hard to find good people these days. You're good people."  Then, when I got home, I received a message from Yahoo! Voices from another contributor who said she subscribed to my article alerts and that I write "brilliantly"!  That was so nice to hear. I wrote her a little note back and read a couple of her articles (more like personal anecdotes), but I like her writing style.

Alright - I'm going to try to wind down and get myself out of earning mode. Haven't watched anything on Hulu all week, so lots of shows to catch up on. But first, earnings updates!


CashCrate: $19.43 (goal: $19 - Yay!))
SwagBucks: 496 (goal 500 - I could've made this one if I stayed up a bit longer, but I was so tired I went on to bed)
Amazon MTurk: $8.49 (no change from last post; Goal: 4 hits, Completed: 5. Yay!)
Yahoo! Voices: 6,319 page views (no change)

CashCrate: $20.31 (goal: $20 - WOOT!)
SwagBucks: 551(goal: 550 - Woopee!)
Amazon MTurk: $8.50 (goal: 6 hits, completed: 6 - yay!)
Yahoo! Voices: 6,326 page views (nice wee jump! Hoping to do some writing in the next few days or over the weekend)

I'm off to relax, folks. Happy earning!