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Money Making Updates!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on June 2, 2012 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

My new job has worn me out!  I knew it was paperwork intensive, but it's much more than I bargained for!  And there are a million steps you have to follow in order to process each claim.  Luckily, I'm learning quickly, so we'll see how it goes in the coming months.

I've been trying to at least keep up with the bare minimum on my GPT ("get paid to") sites. Some days I missed the mark on searches and such, as I tended to go to bed super early most nights. I tried a few surveys but haven't qualified for anything so far this week. I've hit my $25 cashout mark for FusionCash, but I might wait another week and try to hike up my balance a bit more first.  CashCrate will be sending my payment for May in a few weeks, so I started back at zero as of yesterday. I'm waiting to hit the 1300 range on SwagBucks so I can get the $10 PayPal card. Only a few hundred to go! 

I have a ton of stuff to accomplish this weekend (along with relaxing!) so here are my latest earnings:

CashCrate: May earnings: $31.88 (check in process), June earnings: 12 cents
SwagBucks: 1,079
Yahoo! Voices: 6,514 page views
CrowdTap: 8,490 pts
Amazon MTurk: $1.46
FusionCash: $25.37



Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 19, 2012 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

It's been a good week so far with earnings!  I hit my 700 mark on SwagBucks and was able to redeem for a $5 PayPal card a few days ago. Since then, I've already racked up over 160 more SBs!  They started a new contest called "Test Your Strength," which is a carnival themed goal inspiration. Everyday they set a new goal (today is 100 SBs, yesterday was 70, etc). So far, I've hit two of the daily goals and will be receiving a bonus percentage by June 4th. The contest lasts through the end of the month and I'm really liking it. Also if you hit a certain number of goals, you can receive even more SBs. Awesome! 

CashCrate is moving along, a bit slowly (I think I do an offer a week now) and I've had mixed success with surveys lately. I did snag another SSI survey last night and I also make sure to do at least 10 qualifying searches a day in the toolbar to earn my bonus every couple days. I'm only 10 cents away from hitting the $20 needed to get a check next month. Squee! 

Speaking of search, I've got toolbars installed for CC, SB and FusionCash and I gotta say, it's a bit of a challenge to use them enough for valid searches, without going overboard. I'm trying to get the searches out of the way earlier in the day so I don't feel pressure at night if I haven't done enough. Sometimes it's pretty easy if I suddenly REALLY need to look up something, like the other night when I was filling out my background check app for my new job, I had to track down old employer addresses and phone numbers (they go back 10 years on employment history!)  So I just split up the searches between the 3 toolbars.

FusionCash is going smoothly with my daily tasks (I do those first thing in the morning), and similar to CC, I only do a couple offers a week. They had a really good one yesterday that paid out $2. Surveys are hit or miss - and I've noticed that doing one on CC for example might knock you out of qualifying for one on FC, since they utilize many of same survey companies. I don't have as much luck doing standard surveys on FC as I do on CC, but I always try for their "own" daily survey which seem to be better with crediting.

I had a run of luck with CrowdTap and got a nice batch of "quick hits" this morning. I also hit another goal of doing 50 (apparently racking points up since my last goal) and won 1,000 points!  Now I'm level 6. Still a long ways to go to cashout on this one.  I'm not really crazy about their "missions" and "actions," and their so called discussions are supposed to be moderated, but I've yet to see a moderator chime in. Moderators can award stars or something to the best contributors. I have no idea how I fared in the last one (I don't think you can view them after they're closed). Not sure. Anyway, I noticed that the day before the last discussion I was in closed, some woman wrote this LONG, DETAILED reply to the question (related to your feelings about Vanguard investments) and included GRAPHICS to boot!  Most other folks wrote one or two sentences. I checked later and realized she was one of the top 10 leaders on the boards, so apparently these people do some fancy post near the end to be sure to snag whatever kudos they can. I really don't have the time nor inclination to mess with that.

I did a heap o' HITs on Amazon MTurk last night that pay out 4 cents each. Will take several days to get credited knowing the requester, but with any luck I should be nearing a dollar soon. My Yahoo Voices views have taken a very nice uptick in the last week (I did a couple posts on the welcome wagon forum). I also began tweaking & adding to one of my half-finished articles. I hope to finish that up this weekend (may just post it myself and avoid the approval process). We'll see how it goes.

In between all this, I've been cleaning my apartment like a madwoman. The bathroom has been a work in progress. Yesterday I scrubbed the bathroom doors, walls & floor, soaked the litter box and trash can in the tub with Pine-Sol, cleaned the vanity & mirror again, and put down freshly-washed rugs. My next project is the bedroom - another work in progress. Lots of dusting and re-organizing in store. I got a couple things done this morning, so I'm off to a good start.

A few days ago, I suddenly remembered a great personal finance site (Neville's Financial Blog) I used to read but had totally forgotten about. This guy, Neville Medhora, is so creative and does these awesome experiments on how to make money and (i.e. selling bottled water on a hot day, scratching 100 lottery tickets to see the outcome). Some obviously do require a bit of upfront money, but the water idea is pretty cheap and do-able (although not technically legal in some places). I'm considering trying the water experiment at the very close-by horse track, way out in the free parking area (where folks frequently tailgate), about an hour or two before the end of the race day to see what happens. Just buying 1 case of water, some ice and chilling it in a plastic tub in my trunk (don't have a big enough cooler, nor do I want to buy one). I'd park about midway in the center of the lot, away from the traffic and security dudes. Then I'd wear my $1 (or $2!) water shirt - which I could easy cover with a light jacket or towel around my neck, then slam the trunk shut if a security guy comes around. I could re-park if needed, or just carry a few bottles to folks nearby if I don't get enough traffic. I'd cater to the drunk college kids especially. It's a long walk to the parking area out there, and no doubt Bitsy or Miffy will be positively parched, stumbling around in heels in the dusty dirt. With any luck, I could sell the case within an hour or less, then head home (or...depending on my timing, success & traffic, go to the store for more water). Worst case scenario, I have extra bottled water on hand (which I consider a luxury these days!)  Anyhoo, just an idea when the next live meet happens later this year.

And now, the best part -- my earnings update!  Good luck in your adventures!

CashCrate: May earnings: $19.90
SwagBucks: 161
Yahoo! Voices: 6,436 page views
CrowdTap: 7,550 pts
Amazon MTurk: 19 cents (16 HITs pending)
FusionCash: $21.14


Fabulous Job News & Close to Next SwagBucks Prize!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 16, 2012 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I got the job!  I just found out this morning. I can hardly believe it!!  I need to go to my temp agency and fill out a "stack of paperwork" that the company requires, so I'll be heading over there this afternoon for that. Then I'll fill out a background check questionnaire (online - at home) that will take about 10-14 days to process. Hopefully shouldn't be any issues, but my credit is much less than perfect and I don't know if they'll be taking that into consideration or not. But, if everything works as it should, I might be starting as early as May 30th, which gives me a few weeks to get more stuff organized around here, send out other resumes (just in case + req'd to continue getting UI), and pick up any short-term temp jobs that might pop up. I did get my UI check in the bank today - finally!  But I have to wait till it posts to my early access advance balance before I can, gulp, borrow another lump to get me through the next couple weeks. It's a lifesaver (cheaper than going to those payday advance places), but a double-edged sword because I'm forever behind. Will hopefully be able to catch up soon and not have to borrow again for awhile.

Things are going well on all other fronts. I'm 6 SBs away from being able to snag that $5 PayPal card on SwagBucks!  I was able to nab another SSI survey on CashCrate last night, but I haven't been able to get any on FusionCash in the last couple days. Once I start my new job, obviously I won't be able to devote as much time to these sites (nor need them as desperately!), but there's a heap of stuff I need to take care of and save for, so I'm going to try to work the sites a few hours each night and more on the weekends. I'm also getting used to spending so little money a week, and I'm hoping to stick to those habits. I can also run home for lunch if needed, but I'm planning on packing my lunches and bringing in snacks to tide me over through the day. But first things first - confirming everything is squared away and finding out when I start work!  Wish me luck!  Here's a quick earnings update in the meantime! 

CashCrate: May earnings: $17.59
SwagBucks: 694
Yahoo! Voices: 6,412 page views. Also here's one of my articles from earlier this year, Creative Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill, for your reading pleasure.
CrowdTap: 6,205 pts
Amazon MTurk: 16 cents (cashed out $10.71 Monday; 2 HITs pending)
FusionCash: $18.68


Busy week + earnings update!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 13, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

It was a crazy week! I lined up an interview for the company I did a phone screen with, but didn't get the job. In hindsight, it may be a blessing in disguise, as the thought of being at the beck & call of a huge company as a supplier is very stressful (been there, done that).  I landed another interview though, more in line with my last job. That interview went very well and I'm schedule to go back for round 2 on Tuesday.  This company is only a few miles from my place, and while it sounds like an overwhelming amount of paperwork (job is for a claims processor), it appeals to me.  In other news, more confusion with the unemployment office which prompted another trip down there on Friday. I *think* (hope!) everything's squared away so I get my check next week. Otherwise, time to put an ad on Craigslist again and sell some furniture. Sigh. 

On the upside, I was able to do my first SwagBucks gift card redemption last Sunday!  I found some great offers signing up for free games on Facebook and hit the amount needed to cash out for a $10 PayPal card!  The only drawback is it will take "7-21 days" for it to be processed. With any luck, maybe it'll hit this week and I can do whatever I need to do to get it transferred to PP. Still not sure what kind of fees they might take out, but I decided I'd have to take a loss no matter which one I selected. For example, if I redeemed my SwagBucks for a Kmart card that I can use in store, I'd have to drive nearly 20 miles round trip to get there and back. The Target card can only be used online, and then I'd have to pay shipping. So I figured, get the PP cash, take the loss which hopefully shouldn't be more than a few bucks.

I'm nearing my next $20 mark on CashCrate, but it's been slow going lately. Haven't qualified for many surveys and there were a couple I've had issues with (2 on LiveSample never credited, plus one on Give Us Your 2 Cents that gave me a "technical difficulties" issue after I'd completed it). It's hard enough to get qualifed for one, so when that happens, it's very frustrating. Since then, I've been avoiding Live Sample for now. I also had some issues with Samplicio.us on FusionCash, and I've read quite a few complaints on the forums from other people about them too, so I'm steering clear of them now as well.

As far as Amazon Mech Turk, I finally passed my $10 cashout mark, but I was waiting on a couple more HITs to credit so I'll cash out tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have the money in my bank by Tuesday or so.  I desperately need it!  CrowdTap is slow going lately as well. Only a few hits a day, the discussion I was partaking in ended last week, and the newest action is something I would never in a million years do (host a grilling party using a company's marinade spices). I don't even know what the requirements on documenting that would be (photos? video?) but nooooo thanks. I also signed up with DealBarbiePays but so far, the offers are very sparse and I gave up looking around after an hour. I may or may not revisit. I do like that their cashout mark is only $5 though. But that gives you an idea how hard it probably is to reach $5.

I'm less than $10 away from my FusionCash cashout mark, but it's been a little slow there too. Running out of offers and haven't qualified for any surveys in several days. I am doing their daily 15 cent paid to click offer (takes about 3 minutes and you have to jump through a couple hoops, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy) and getting their daily email where you click a page and get 2 cents. It adds up! 

Here are my latest earnings:

CashCrate: May earnings: $15.29
SwagBucks: 290
Yahoo! Voices: 6,399 page views
CrowdTap: 5,945 pts
Amazon MTurk: $10.49
FusionCash: $16.82


Job Interview & Latest Earnings!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 5, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

So I did a phone screening on Friday for a temp-to-perm job. It went very well. I've got an interview set up on Monday at 8 am. I'd be a perfect fit for this job, so wish me luck!  In other news, yesterday was a TREMENDOUS day on Amazon MTurk!  I was able to nab 53 (!!) hits - which is the most I've done in one day in years. I'm still waiting on about 15 to approve (most of them are 4 centers) so once they all hopefully clear, I'll hit my $10 cashout mark early next week. I planned to just take the money and run, but now I'm realizing that whatever I make past $10 will just get added to the payout. So now I'm thinking I might try to squeak out a buck or two more, then cashout so that I don't have to wait to earn another $10 again. I'll be needing the money soon though, so I think I'll just play it by ear. One nice thing about Amazon MTurk is that you transfer the money straight to your U.S. bank account and if you do the transfer by 5 pm EST on a weekday (not something in the rules, just something I personally noticed), the money will hit your account the following business day (no fees!). Of course, it's been awhile since I'm had enough to cashout, so things may have changed with how quickly the money transfers over. I'll update you guys on this when it happens.

Things are getting more active for me on FusionCash. So far, the offers I've done are "instant credit" (more about 5-10 mins) and they've all confirmed for me and seem more simplified than the ones on CashCrate. I don't think I've had any of the "10 screens before you're done" type. I checked out the Pay to Post form and discovered you at first need to have at least 3 posts on the forum for them to review before you can submit an application. I submitted a couple last night and will probably do my next one today, then send in my form. The forums on FC don't seem to be as user-friendly as on CC. It took me awhile to figure out how to get my forum banner into my first post...and for the life of me, so far I can't figure out how to automatically add it as my signature. So for now, I'll just have to keep adding the HTML to the bottom of each post. Also, as far as the forums, I kept seeing references to a member called "Old Buddy" that people swear by for tutorials and how-tos. I haven't gone to read any of his posts, but he's supposedly a long time member and has helped a lot of folks there get the hang of things. Overall, I've noticed that more members there seem fiercely loyal to FC (of course, you aren't allowed to mention competitor sites on their forums, just like on CC) so it's hard to discern if FC is really their favorite, or they're just talking them up for the posting credits. I will say the forums are much more active there, which is due in part to their Pay to Post program. As long as folks post quality stuff, I think it's great. Sometimes the forums at CC are almost dead, or filled with the same old questions from newbies. I've almost given up on doing free offers on CashCrate. Just pages of muck and I never seem to do whatever it is I was supposed to do in order to get paid. I try out some from time to time with minimal success. I'm going to see if I can do more research to figure out what I'm doing wrong. For now, mostly focused on surveys and videos. And I still love the look of this site and the simplicity of use. Also, the forum moderators are fantastic and have been around for quite awhile!

I've been keeping up with my SwagBucks goals - and really like their Megabucks Fridays. I tend to win more on searches...and hit them a little more frequently than on other days. I need to check again to see if the PayPal $10 gift card is back in stock - and whether or not with any associated fees from PP - whether it would be worth it to cashout in the next few days, or wait. I'm also looking around at other gift card options that might help me avoid any fees (maybe an e-card with CVS to avoid s&h?  But I'm not sure exactly how you use your gift code at the register in person). I'll look into it.  Crowdtap has been a bit slow for me in recent days, mostly because I don't have many new "quick hits" offered to me and I'm only part of one discussion ending soon that I can earn points on once a day.  I'll keep working at it.

So far I have not published a new Yahoo! Voices article, but I did draft another one!  I've also been a little more active on the forums welcoming new members and I've noticed an increase in my page views, plus a few new fans!

And now, my earnings update! Since I haven't posted in a few days and I've already gotten to work on some of my goals today, I'm just going to post current earnings. I'm on track for all my goals today. Happy earning!

CashCrate: May earnings: $8.12
SwagBucks: 1,188
Yahoo! Voices: 6,359 page views
CrowdTap: 5,475 pts
Amazon MTurk: $9.51
FusionCash: $10.42


Lots of News!

Posted by Miss MoneyHoney on May 1, 2012 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings!  I tried to add a new blog entry on Sunday, but wasn't able to access the site. Grrrrr.  Yesterday I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't accomplish much, but today I made some excellent progress!  First off, since yesterday was the end of April, my final April CashCrate payment ($24.15!) is being processed, and my earnings were reset for May. So now I'm back trying to earn another $20+. Of course, you can always view your account balances on the site, but I must say, it was a bit scary when I logged on this morning and saw $0!  Even though I knew it was a new month, it still kinda freaked me at until I located my April payment under the Payments tab of My Earnings. They really should have a "Earnings To Date" and "Earnings This Month" on the top toolbar for quick view!  I was able to snag TWO surveys today, which is rare for me. Very happy about that. Tried a few more offers, but they are slow to credit, if at all. I find myself avoiding them more and more.

In other news, I decided to check out FusionCash. First impression of the site: Awful.  It just LOOKS cheap and not legit. Terrible logo font, ugly design. I kept wondering if I was on the "right" site. Besides a terrible design, it's not nearly as user friendly as SwagBucks or CashCrate. You can't view your earnings from the main page unless you actually click on your earnings page. The side left nav bar reminds me of Google ads. Anyway, I forged ahead, earned $5 signup bonus and $2.50 to sign up for a survey site. Now, with FC, you have to earn $25 or more to cashout and there's a time limit (I believe 6 months) to cashout, or you lose the money. There also don't seem to be as many ways to earn except via offers and a few surveys you can only try once a day. Tonight I tried signing up for another survey site for $1 instant credit, but even though I completed all the steps, nothing's been credited yet. Hmmm. I'll play around with FusionCash more in the future (and hopefully eventually earn enough to cashout), but it's not appearing to be a go-to site for the moment.  I should spend more time in the forums -- FC seems to have particular rules other sites don't.

On the upside, my friend invited me to join CrowdTap (which I'd never heard of). You collaborate with brands to help promote them. Apparently you can get invited to try samples, see product previews, etc. You have to earn quite a bit more (20k+) in points to redeem anything here (and options are limited), but so far, I'm really liking this site. I've already racked up 4,675 points (Level 4!) and that was in less than an hour's time!  I completed almost every "quick hit" (very fast polls for the most part) that was available -- avoiding doing any of the "challenges" for now (posting ads on social sites and getting 5 friends to rate, etc). I doubt any of my friends will even click on ad a promo, much less rate it. Now that I'm out of quick hits, I did a few "Missions" (I love how action-oriented that sounds). I posted a few responses to a discussion about investments and racked up some fast points. Right now I don't have much left available for me to partake in, so I think it's going to be more slow going from here on out. Also, I noticed you can link yourself with a charity (quite a few to choose from) when you set up your profile, but I'm not exactly sure how this works yet -- whether a certain percentage of points goes to the charity when I redeem, or if CrowdTap matches a certain percentage.  I chose the ASPCA. While I love you can donate, I need to check how this works because I can't afford to be giving all my points to charity!

SwagBucks continue to add up nicely (I won 18 SB for one search today!), but I'm a little behind of where I'd like to be, so I'll keep working at it.

I haven't been able to get any tasks with MTurk the last few days, but my balance is finally past $9, so I'm inching my ways towards $10 to cashout. And believe you me, I need it.

Although I haven't posted a new Yahoo! Voices article this week, I did manage to start drafting two new ones. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I want to work on them both more...flesh them out.  On the other hand, I don't want to spend too much time on them either or else I'll never finish!

Alright, here's the latest roundup of earnings.  Good luck with your earnings adventures!

CashCrate: April earnings $24.15 (Goal of $24 - yay!), May earnings: $1.79 (today's goal was $1. Another yay!)
SwagBucks: 914 (Goal was 900 - yippee! I really wanted to be closer to 950 by today though!)
Yahoo! Voices: 6,347 page views, 2 new articles in process
CrowdTap: 4,675 pts (Started with 0 today; Goal was 4,000 - yay!)
Amazon MTurk: $9.05 (Goal 6 hits today - 0 completed so far. I'll check the site again tonight!)
FusionCash: $7.50 (Goal was $7.75 - oops)